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Considering climate change, wars, food security, price hikes, the pandemic, migration, racial and political divisions -- what do you think the world be like in 10 years?


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Orwell's 'Nineteen Eighty-Four'.

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This is just a wild guess, but I think there will be a great power struggle in the next coming years where the current status quo will be challenged, the prevailing norms, customs and values will be forced to change. What I fear the most are powerful non-state actors (the WEF) proposing changes that will increase their power and more control over the people (the great reset 2030).

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climate change - definitely worse and maybe much worse

wars - no end in sight fo Ukraine, with the prospect of civil wars coming if food prices are high. Russia is currently in a pretty big war, and if they hit the button....

food security, price hikes - worse, worse for Japan too with weakening yen

the pandemic - probably not a factor

migration - potentially an issue if driven by more war, food security, and climate change

racial and political divisions - mostly manufactured distractions ("culture wars") to keep the rich in power.

I used to think the world was getting better. I grew up during the Cold War with tv programs about nuclear destruction. Maybe I was just too optimistic before, but I think its getting worse now.

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The Pandemic and Ukraine have been real eye openers as to how the media has changed in just a decade. You tube and other sites give the fringe loonies equal time and importance as real experts. That and the media bias in the mains stream, which to be honest was always there, but has gotten much worse. "Reality" TV and social media "influencers" have dumbed down the populations that follow them. Peoples lives will continue to be miserable but many of them deserve it.

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Considering climate change, wars, food security, price hikes, the pandemic, migration, racial and political divisions -- what do you think the world be like in 10 years?

the world will be MUCH worse in 10 years. climate change, wars, food security, price hikes, the pandemic, migration, racial and political divisions -- all of these fact will get much worse. I don't see anything getting better, and I have little optimism for the future.

Orwell's 'Nineteen Eighty-Four'.

very well could be

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This is my off-the-cuff observation:

We're (humanity) on our way to having 8 billion people on this rock.

Fresh water, food, shelter, there's going to be quite the demand for the basic essentials.

Prices don't look like they're going anywhere but up. The things going down will be quality and quantity.

For all the tough talk, no one is really doing anything about the climate crisis. The people who seem like they could do something are either bought and paid for or legitimately don't care. They won't be here for the show.

The ones that do care and want to do something will just get sidelined.

The rich and wealthy will absolutely not tolerate a drop in their standard of living.

They'll also continue to use their power, influence and media to keep us at each other's throats.

COVID looks like it is here to stay.

So, in my humble opinion, barring some MAJOR SYSTEMWIDE changes, we're coasting down the hill.

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Things will get a lot worse due to global overpopulation. Most of the major crisis listed in the headline are due to too many people living in a global eco-system with definite limits.

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kyushubillJune 20  11:12 pm JST

Schwab, Gates, and Soros will have the power. We will be mere servants to them. If we are not the ones culled by them.

Not necessarily. The future with them in charge isn't written in stone. There could be one with them swinging in gibbets. I'd prefer that.

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Schwab, Gates, and Soros will have the power

They expect to rule the new world order, that's for sure. But it's also pretty naive to think that the same elite who ruled the old (and collapsing) world order will be around for the new world order. When revolutions occur, the old guys are more likely to be in prison than in charge.

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Now that's a loaded question if I ever heard one!

Reckon it will be much of the same. Half glass full people will be getting on with it, while the empty people all living the nightmare. Same as it's always ever been! Determined by your grit and your mindset, bit of humor helps too .

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GBR48Today  08:33 am JST

Orwell's 'Nineteen Eighty-Four'.

Quite possibly a blend of this and Brave New World and Back to the Future 2 under Biff Tannen.

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I think our world will not change so much. Sometimes, we fall into unpreferable situation suddenly and are get accustomed or overcome it. Such events, though they include preferable ones, occur once in five to ten years like we see a wave in a graph. As long as having a human lifestyle, these occasions showed in today's topic will not be avoidable, so we will struggle with and overcome them, which goes on and on... Therefore our world won't change in a bigger way.

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I have a little card on my keyboard with this saying: "You can stop being surprised at what happens in the world, but you should never stop caring."

Pretty much sums it up for me, and at my age I don't really think I'll be alive in ten years, so I'll leave the conjecture and worry to everyone else.

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The problems that we are having now are just distractions to hide what is to come. I think we have too many people on this earth food, water, health just the basic things that we take for granted will be very hard to come by. The rich they will be in control while everyone else will be given what they have been asking for all the times handouts. The mass media has dumb everyone down and has taken away their ability to think logically. Most people now think they are entitle to have something free and accept things as they are. They only believe what they hear or read online. Basically people are just going to become useless waiting to be told what to do by a machine. Everything will be automated, flying cars etc.. Climate change will force people to think about what foods they eat and how the food is manufactured. We may be in denial, I remember my grandmother saying man couldn't go to the moon and they did. Space we be the next frontier!!!

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Ten years is too short - the coming chaos will take more time than that to resolve. Maybe 20 years? We are going through a one in 100 year event, where everything will change. It may even be a one in 1000 year event. The global order, as we know it now, will change dramatically. The USA, assuming it's even still together, will be an old weakened power. Japan? Who knows? A lot will depend on which countries manage to avoid the worst of war, which is almost certainly coming. It's going to be tough, and nobody can predict how it will resolve. We can only hope that we don't see global nuclear war, some engineered virus that wipes out most of humanity or some massive ecological travesty.

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Having earned a Master of Science in Environmental Management in 1982 and watching our progress in sending ourselves to extinction, I confidently predict very few humans will be alive in one hundred years.

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no one knows whatll happen

unexpected things happen all the time like covid and war in Ukraine when most of us thought we lived in stability sth like this just came to happen which may suggest other unexpected things might happen again, well, its really important to hope for better till the end but remember that all in this world is slowly coming to an end.

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I think it will be a better place in general. It is called progress, and it happens despite all the challenges we face.

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On fire and reenacting scenes straight out of a zombie apocalypse movie. Or Mad Max.

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A Second Cold War may be a most likely scenario over the next 10 years.

Under the emerging regime, global issues would be less global or prevalent. Individual states would be grouped by geography, system, ideology, or simply "friend or enemy" dichotomy. Each group would have to deal with their own "local" issues while inter-group relations may remain conflicting. Borders would rise up, exchanges with other groups would be minimized.

Such a divided and walled world doesn't necessarily mean a doomsday. Just for example, a pandemic like covid would be less likely to go global. So would another subprime mortgage crisis, or global terrorism be. People might feel relieved or happy when they would be able to "agree to disagree". When they get troubled, it's only their business and we don't care.

Is another Cold War deadly? Yes or No. Much unlike public concerns the former Cold War didn't become a hot and nuclear war while fewer people had been killed in East-West conflicts including some proxy wars. In fact, much more people had been killed or poor within the Eastern block under authoritarian systems or leadership.

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Not much different from what it is now.

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Schwab, Gates, and Soros will have the power. We will be mere servants to them. If we are not the ones culled by them.

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