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Considering what happened with the spread of the coronavirus on the Diamond Princess quarantined in Yokohama, do you think other cruise ships and their owners have plans in place to deal with such situations?


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The Japanese government's quarantine plan has been a great success. The data proves it.

Now that the Japanese government's plan has been a great success all tourists are flooding back to Japan in droves. "Thank you Mr. Abe," said a group of happy tourists in Shibuya.

The captain of the Diamond Princess must surely bear the brunt of responsibility for this terrible outbreak. Why hasn't he appeared on television, offering his apologies to Japan? It's a disgrace.
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Considering the quick outbreak of the virus, I'm pretty sure that cruise ship operators and governments will likely make measures to contain similar situations in the future. Just think of the coronavirus epidemic as a practical (costly and deadly one) test before the lesson, and I think Japan's handling of the Diamond Princess will likely be heavily studied by governments and authorities.

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Alfie, exactly!! LMAO!!

What kind of question is that?? for other cruiseships, let us know exactly what the contingency plans are. Then we'll tell you if they are adequately prepared or not. I mean, how is ANYONE on this site to make a judgement like that anyway?

I can speak for myself though. I am never going on a cruiseship. EVER.

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Although there are some unique aspects to this case, in a sense it’s nothing new. All sorts of things can and do happen on cruise ships: fires, collisions, running aground, sinking, norovirus outbreaks, etc. There was the infamous 2013 Triumph incident described by the New York Times as “a fire in the engine room shut down the Triumph’s power, propulsion, sewage and air-conditioning systems, leaving 4,200 passengers adrift for days in the Gulf of Mexico with little to eat and raw sewage seeping through the ship’s walls and carpets.” I’m thinking there’s even been a case of a cruise ship being boarded by pirates but I’m feeling too lazy too research and confirm. I have no idea what could be considered appropriate and adequate compensation for being caught up in such a dismal situation nor whether people in the past have been satisfied with what was done for them. I do know I’ve never had the desire to take such a trip.

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They can't seem to control it on a cruise ship so might as well have a chicken pox type party where everyone meets in the main galley with drinks and dancing with the intent to get infected quickly and recover quickly and then just send anyone over 80 years old to the hospital for monitoring and treatment.

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Cruise ships are, by their very nature, unable to be an isolated quarantine. There's just no way to actually isolate anyone once they step on board. You cannot have the levels of independent air circulation, water, plumbing and more that would be necessary.

The best that can be done is get to a port where they can get the assistance of land-based facilities that can actually isolate people properly.

The best a cruise ship can be is a plague ship without that.

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