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Do you feel pressured to go out drinking with co-workers?


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No never. If anything, I'm the one who always instigates the nomikais. LOL!

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In my case, it depends on the kind of boss they are. I've had some bosses who would require people to drink or in the very least join the part while some never forced people to drink. I never felt pressured to drink with my coworkers, I just politely decline. I spend at least 40 hours a week with them and if I can't tell them what I need to tell them in that span of time without the aid of liquid courage then it's probably not worth saying anyway.

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No. I go drinking with them 3 or 4 times a year.

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My boss always takes me out to top-notch sushi restaurants. No complaints from me!

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Not at all, if I did it wouldn't be very enjoyable, so why bother?

Anyway, those legendary days and nights of excess are long behind me - I don't think I'd be able to match the younger generation drink for drink. And good for them. It's their time now.

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I am pressured to drink by my father-in-law even though I have a family to drive home.

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Occasionally when someone retires out of respect.

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I make it very clear to co-workers that I don't drink. I do this in the early stages of my employment. I have no problem telling peopleI don't want to go drink or go eat. I have what Society calls a backbone. I am not a yes man.

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No, although I have at points in the past. These days I say flat out beforehand that I do not drink. And inevitably, if I do attend, when someone tries to pour me one and I say no thanks, and their eyes shoot out of their heads and they start asking why as their skin nearly jaundices over, I just say I don't like it, and I feel better without it. And since I don't really enjoy watching colleagues and co-workers devolve into drunken lechers who think a simple "I'm sorry" the next business day will excuse whatever they might do, I usually just don't bother attending any parties besides those with close friends. In fact, my co-workers "accidentally" booked this year's party on a day when I'll be out of town on an annual trip to my favourite hot spring with family. They knew when I was going, but it's entirely fine with me. I had some good times in the past at parties, drinking and other times not drinking, but I don't like the alcoholism culture here that comes with the enkai season and beyond.

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After 18 years of working with a bunch of utter inadequates, who then very kindly fired all non-Japanese staff on the last working day before we would have been considered permanent under Dear Leader Abe's magnificent 5-Year-Plan, I'm delighted to report that I have joined a company stacked with people whose company I enjoy, who know their jobs and encourage excellence.

I'm always delighted to shift a few steins with this happy few.

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