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Do you think the century-old tradition of going to the movies will become a thing of the past due to the coronavirus and the increasing popularity of streaming services?


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We can only hope so.

Who would want to be around the dirty, loud, rude public if they have a choice not to be?

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Personally, I haven't really enjoyed going to the cinema in my adulthood, I'd much rather enjoy a film in the comfort of my own home. Cinema sound systems are really loud, my kids were covering their ears at times.

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In Japan its fine as people are actually polite and don't talk ect during the movie, but back home I hate going to movies with all the obnoxious animals that can't be quiet for 15 mins with the chewing and rustling of chips packets for hours and farting its just disgusting.

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Due to Covid19, maybe. Due to streaming services, not a chance.

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My kids like going. I've been once in the past ten years, to see the Blade Runner 2049 movie. I sat very near the front, something I never did as a child, because I wanted the screen as big as possible. My reference point now is the home theater we have at home. I'd imagine a cinema screen doesn't look that big even to folks with a 65 inch tv in a typical Japanese living room.

I hold out hope that coronavirus will be defeated soon and nothing good will become a "thing of the past" because of it.

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Is it a "century old tradition"??  any event not a big fan of going to the cinema.  With a good home system find it far more fun to watch at home.

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Not sure. When I take a business trip alone sometimes on free days I would visit a movie theater to pass time and the movie is rather enjoyable compared to watching it in a hotel room. However, if I took my wife and kids to a move it would probably cost 50-100 dollars which is a years' cost for Netflix.

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I quite enjoy the theater experience in Japan. Sound and picture is still better than my home setup and they usually have luxury seating available. There’s also the 4D experience that can be fun depending on the movie. Actually going with the family to watch the Kimetsu no Yaiba movie tomorrow.

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I don't think so, there's a different appeal to watching movies in the big screen and listening to bands play live compared to listening to their studio records. The question is whether when will this pandemic end and allow these things again

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Personally, I haven't really enjoyed going to the cinema in my adulthood, I'd much rather enjoy a film in the comfort of my own home.


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Nothing beats the communal experience of watching films in their natural environment - the cinema. Sure, home watching is fine but it doesn't replace the joy of hundreds of people reacting and enjoying the moment. Like, theatre/musicals/opera/ballet/sporting events etc are great to see on telly and what have you, but actual being in attendance is a whole different vibe.

Conversely, whilst living in Japan, I do appreciate the respect the audience shows to the feature presentation - sitting until the end of the credits and not making a racket all the way through the film. Although, I do miss some of the more vocal reactions that you get in the West.

And Japan, for people my age, it's cheaper, cleaner and more comfortable than going to the pictures back "home", where you'd pay and arm and a leg to take in a show.

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Is it a "century old tradition"?? any event not a big fan of going to the cinema. With a good home system find it far more fun to watch at home.

More like 120 years, what with the Lumières in Paris and that train arriving on the platform.

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Between the advent of home theatre, streaming services and now the coronavirus, I think that traditional theatres are going to have a very rough go of it. It has always been a struggle to keep a movie theatre in business. I'm really glad the only one I go to, an art house that seats maybe 120, has remained in business for the past 25 years. You can either pay per film or subscribe for a year and watch any film any time you like. I subscribe because losing that place would worsen the quality of life in my city.

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I subscribe because losing that place would worsen the quality of life in my city.

It's great to have a special cinema, where you can lose yourself in glorious films from different eras and countries. Wherever I've lived, I've always had an "independent" cinema to go to. My favorite was more of a club (with seriously uncomfortable chairs) where silent movies would be played with live accompaniment.

Because of the pandemic, have only been to the pictures once this year, much to my shame.

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I notice that drive-in movies have come back a bit. Some retro places are currently being restored. Movie houses, though... it looks bleak at the moment.

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The cost of production for the new Bond movie is $600 million and in a normal year would make more than $1 billion in the cinemas. They offered it for sale but zero takers.

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Things will change as they always have, but I suspect they will still be around. We haven’t given up on the four hundred year old tradition (2500 if you count the Greeks) of going to the theatre.

Home viewing is one experience but going to the cinema to watch a film entirely another. I am lucky to have a local, clean, and cheap family run cinema in the nearest town.

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Cinema sound systems are really loud

It's been so long since I've been that I'd forgotten about that, but yeah, it's so true. Especially with action movies.

But I guess the Japanese like it that way, given the amount of noise pollution they put up with everywhere.

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