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Do you think the media should post the number of coronavirus infections each day?


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Yes, and they should also post the total number of tests made

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Yes. Number of people tested and number of people found positive as well as the total.

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Yes, tho not on your top "headlines" as in making it the top biggest news of the day.

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Of course. It's the responsible thing to do. You still have millions walking around calling it a hoax or not doing what they need to do to help keep this thing in check. Showing the daily tally and the death toll helps to reinforce that this is real and it is not going away anytime soon and you could easily be the next person to catch it..

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Of course. Keep people informed.

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Knowledge is power. Sticking our heads in the sand (figuratively speaking) won’t make the virus go away.

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Of course, but provide context.

The number of tests conducted

The number of new infections

The number of hospitalised patients

The number of asymptomatic positive infections

The number of symptomatic infections

The number of people who died because of COVID

The number of patients who died with the virus but not because of it

The number of people without underlying conditions who have developed serious symptoms

-The rate of new infections vs hospitalisations

The death rate and change in death rate vs. infections

It's a lot, but it may go some way to clarifying the mixed messages that the government and mainstream media pump out.

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It's futile to swing our feelings between despair and hope over the daily ups-downs report everyday. The accumulative case number doesn't reflect what is currently underway. Let's see an overall pattern and put things into perspective.

Japan's corona report is actually not overwhelming but rather limited. People would like to seek more details: the number of hospitalized/serious patients, deaths, recovery/discharge (though I personally know how to get them). Nationwide data is also often missing here at JT, with the focus only on Tokyo.

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Yes. My home country has a sort-of official Telegram channel where everything related to the CV-19 is posted there, including the latest numbers and the announcements made by government officials. I find reading text of the news is quicker to digest than listening or watching the news that often include stealthy advertisements and negative images.

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Just flat numbers are misleading. Break it down into categories!

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I do, but at the same time, the media shouldn’t be slanted an focus ONLY the infected and dying, they also need to focus and talk more about the declining death rates, they need to keep a lot of this in their proper perspective.

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No,unless they're telling us how many died as a result.Otherwise it's just,unadulterated,scare mongering for scare mongering's sake.And it's working mind you.

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No. It just fuels the fear mongering.

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This is quite a nice site for keeping track of the running total:


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Yes, and the number of tests done.

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@kryonstavic, I've just had the test and have yet to learn the result. Couldn't agree with you more.

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