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For those of you who have used marijuana, if someone has never tried marijuana, would you recommend they try it at least once?


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Its not my place to recommend that they try it or not. everyone has to make up their own minds and take the decisions in their lives that they see fit.

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In Japan, where it’s illegal? Absolutely not, I’d recommend against trying it. In a location where it’s legal? No, for the same reason given by Aly Ruston.

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Rustom, sorry.

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Rustom, sorry.

No worries mate!

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It's a question that people will rarely want to answer. I wouldn't recommend any drug to anyone including alcohol. If I was making a recommendation to govenment about the legality I would have a very detailed submission.

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If they want to try it, I guess? I don't really consider it a must-try-thing. If you're curious and want to space out a little, sure. But I don't think I'd encourage people who have no interest.

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Sure, I would recommend (not pressure or force) people at least try it if they are in place where it is legal.

I might also recommend to someone a fun video game, which the WHO has just concluded is "additive like crack."

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Of course - I certainly wouldn't discourage them. Just if you are going to do it in Japan, do it very, very safely. On a cost-benefit measure, it probably isn't worth it. But in normal countries, definitely give it a go - after all, it is far less harmful for your health and less addictive than alcohol.

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I have used it daily since the late 1960's.

I recommend it for any mature person trying to give up tobacco or other hard drugs

I use it for dream suppression necessary since my military service.

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If we're talking recreationally, honestly, I would say no, don't try it. The whole 'ignorance is bliss' thing rings true with me. While I do truly enjoy smoking it, I would have saved a lot of money in my life had I never tried.

Now that said, if someone does want to try, I would never try to stop them, and if they wanted to try, I wouldn't say much more than what I said above. If they still wanted to try, I'd say go for it! It can be very introspective, and I think it makes people better people a lot of the time.

Finally, if it was someone who needed it medically, I would (and have many times) recommend it. Better than opiates.

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