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Have you been buying more items than usual ahead of the consumption tax hike which takes effect on Oct 1?


Did you buy more items than usual ahead of the consumption tax hike on Oct 1?

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Of course not. It's a 2 yen increase. If you're going to buy something that would be hugely effected by it (expensive electronics, luxury goods) then you obviously have enough money to cover the tax. It's annoying knowing it will be shamelessly wasted by the government but I don't have expensive tastes and frankly it's not the biggest sales tax in the world so.... shrug

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No, because I don't have enough money to do so!

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No. Actually been hunkering down and saving more for the storm to come.

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Last year I bought a fabulous refrigerator and some Hida furniture. All very expensive and in part because of the increase in tax looming. Otherwise, no.

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I am waiting to buy my alcohol because the local govt is giving me 5000 yen of free spending, so rather than buy now to save 2% I’ll spend next week and save 20% effectively.

by the way this whole business of more than one sales tax rate is a total disaster, it’s caused so much disruption for retailers... and I don’t even need the 5000 yen discount. It’s wasted on me.

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No. I always look for discounts, which are generally much greater than 2%.

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We did see big queues at petrol stations yesterday.

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The only thing I buy a lot of regularly that can be stockpiled is catfood. I remembered that my nearest big AEON mall delivers for free if you spend over 5000 yen, so I bought about 12,000 yen's worth of catfood and applied for their Pet store point card at the same time. I shall buy some more today. When buying a lot of a particular item, 2% makes a difference.

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The only thing I buy a lot of regularly that can be stockpiled is catfood.

In case of a big earthquake, you're all set.

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@Reckless - I follow in a long line of people who naturally have far more food in the house than they can eat in a month (at least). I'm always prepared for an earthquake / typhoon / martial law / complete civil unrest.

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I sponsor my own visa each year and let it run out while I'm overseas on vacation. Then when I return to Japan, I have 3 months (tourist visa) to do any tax-free shopping I want to do. Last year I got a new laptop and this year a new smartphone.

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