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How can the world avoid "vaccine nationalism," where some nations may hoard possible COVID-19 vaccines while excluding others?


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Why don't the countries worried about this simply buy manufacturing licenses from the developers, or have local subsidiaries of the developers do the manufacturing?

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no need.  just sell it all to the US. It will only be partially effective anyway.

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You can't. It's like encouraging countries to share their scientific and technological know-how for the sake of the common good but you'll still have countries that will tend to favor more states than others

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Can avoid it only if supply can outpace demand.

More vaccine candidates proving to be effective means greater manufacturing capacity.

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Let them hoard these partially effective poisons.

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Religion, which can supersede loyalty to the state. I know people won't like that, but getting people to just be loyal to principles rather than groups seems an impossible task. Sadly, people are what they are.

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Just be very very careful of China, that’s all I can say

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The answer to the question is moot, if not just based on inanity. There aren't a lot of nations that can 'hoard' vaccines to the detriment of nations that can't afford to buy a few hundred doses, except for the ruling elites in nations we don't want to name..

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In the States, trump "already " controls this.

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