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How do you prepare children for an uncertain job future as technology and AI make more jobs for humans obsolete?


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How do you prepare children for an uncertain job future as technology and AI make more jobs for humans obsolete?

Learn to code?

No really, now with "no-code" and ML made algorithms that may be gone soon to.

The humanities degrees viewed as useless in the modern job market might be a last bastion of human creativity.

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teach them languages and computers

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Wrong question. All those technologies should be used and maximum taxed, so that the children or let’s say all people in the future, can easily afford to work less hours but at much higher income at those hard, dangerous or mind’s and bodies’ forces consuming low-paid jobs and do other important work in society. A robot or an IT server cluster with AI doesn’t realize or care if completely taxed and operating 24 hours for the people. Of course, this process has to be economically fair , let’s say capitalism compatible, and therefore very attractive for the owners, businesses and shareholders, so that the money for all is taken only after it has been generated by those machines and has fully covered the investments plus a big significant profit. But after that first time span, the robots and AI have to be ‘socialized’ and bringing less hard work at more money for all citizens. That’s also simply what they once really had been invented for, if you remember.

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Learn some marketable trade skills.

Learn to built the machines or learn to how maintain the machines.

We will still need shelters, food, water and transportation.

And stop spoon feeding that useless rote learning they call “education” just to pass tests in Japan’s schools.

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AI is not all it is cracked up to be and digital services are less reliable and less resilient. Expect humans to increasingly feature in 'premium' services, with the majority having to make do with rubbish, automated services. Government policies causing the global economy to tank and the increasing prospect of war are much more of a problem.

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Teach them to learn. Teach them to analyse themselves and the world around them. Encourage curiosity. Predicting the future is impossible, so give them as many tools as possible to find their own path.

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I encourage my children to not even bother with going in the employment direction and take the path I did entrepreneurship and teaching them failure is the path to greater knowledge and your definition of success. My definition of success is not being rich or materialistic. Its happiness, having many experiences in life, keeping busy and doing what you love. This is what I do and I encourage my children to do the same.

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PhD in Uncertainty Studies mayhaps?

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Try new things and pursue their interests. Fail and learn from those mistakes. Adapt to the times. Be a Jack of All Trades.

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Instead of TRAINING them to be just parts of a meat machine Corporation, teach then to LEARN and follow their own interests and they will grow into their own masters, and find their own ways. But this will be resisted in every way by their wouldbe rulers and bosses and would require an entirely different mindset in our 'educators' and only the very lucky or very Ganko can now find that path.

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