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How do you think Russian President Vladimir Putin would react if Finland and Sweden apply to join NATO?


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Irrelevant, it’s none of his business. What the people of a sovereign state choose to do be that join or not join a defensive alliance is their concern. If Poo tin doesn’t like it he should reflect on his own actions which cause non aligned countries to now feel the need to retire under the protective umbrella of NATO.

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Commission the construction of an even longer white table for him to hide behind.

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He might want to follow suit ... :D

(But once Putin thought about it seriously back in 2000).

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It’s a mutual self-defense pact. If there’s no aggressor then it decays naturally.

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NATO should have been abolished 20 years ago. On the other hand, Putin brought new members to it by invading Ukraine, so he has no one to blame but himself. As to how he will respond, nobody knows how he will respond anymore.

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Of course he’ll feel even more entangled than already now and he will feel more disturbed over his northern areas because he has in addition also quite some intentions in the whole Arctic, because that can bring some new energy or other rare resources and also will militarily shorten long range missile trajectories. So quite some reactions could be expected midterm. But in the shorter time span he’ll just only assign three nuclear missiles and program their coordinates to Helsinki, Stockholm and Malmö, that’s an efficient enough threat in case of any arising events, making both countries something like beheaded and incapable of anything afterwards.

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No, it is no longer a mutual self-defense pact. When there was no aggressor it grew in size and became an aggressor itself, murdering the innocent people of Afghanistan and Libya.

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No one had a clue what Putin would do with the Ukraine... predictability for his reaction to Finland and Sweden joining NATO..not even the mighty minds of Japan today comment section can say for sure...

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Who cares? His reaction won't change the fact that it was his actions that helped pave the way for it.

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T’would be good if it sent him into an apoplectic fit, bursting all the blood vessels in his evil little brain and bringing the war to an end.

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I'm going to guess that we're gonna see an increase in Russian military activity in Scandinavia, particularly Russian aircraft buzzing their borders. You can also expect a rise in cyber attacks and propaganda from Russia.

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Ever seen how a child reacts when you dangle the promise of sweets in front of their face only to then snatch it away? Yeah, that's how Putin will probably react - temper tantrum. Not that it's any of his business whether or not a country joins NATO

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I don't think he'll do anything. He's too busy getting his A$$ handed to him in Ukraine.

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I don’t waste time thinking about what scum think period.

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For everyone's sake, can only hope they don't.

I doubt Russia would do anything to them militarily if they actually already joined NATO, they don't want to risk a world war more than anyone else does. Obviously it would be a huge threat to them, I wouldn't be surprised if reciprocating military positions were taken up elsewhere. At the very least, we could expect what trade Russia does have with them still to cease. It'd be a Cold War 2.0, but this time between two capitalist imperialist states.

Part of me remains optimistic that cooler heads will prevail though.

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Poking the hornest's nest.

And for what exactly?

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Finland imports over 90% of its gas from Russia. Maybe this would change quite drastically. I hear it gets quite cold in winter in Finland.

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Putin has already lost his mind. What else could he lose? Oh his life!

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I would expect him to react like an immature petulant bully would.

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