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How is the coronavirus affecting your livelihood? Have you lost any income?


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None at all. I work from home half the time, and share my home with no one, and in the fresh air as the safety officer for a highrise roofing company. Lots of wind up there!

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Not at all. I invested in principle guaranteed annuities. I am not affected at all. Living the good life retired.

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So Tom did you make it to Hawaii?

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It's affecting my income and that of my friends over here.

Solidarity and sincerity to all those affected by this.

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Got me a bit but I am doing OK.

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The job is fine but I am getting cabin fever even in Tokyo. All the public gyms are closed and my family is avoiding crowded places so just hanging out at home and near the local park.

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I have a tourism-based side job and that's ground to a halt. My main business is fine.

I know hotels that are going to have extended closures over this.

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My company's cafeteria is closed so I have to go out to eat each day, which costs me a bit of money.

Really no big deal compared to the losses some people are enduring.

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The local barbeque place near our house had less customers after the first case of local transmission in the Philippines. Before that, convenience stores and groceries are having a field day since most of their hygiene and cleaning products are flying off the shelves. I think the coronavirus is a reminder of what industries and businesses are the most crucial, i.e. groceries, health services, public transport while the lesser important ones are seeing a drop in sales

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Yup! I'm a full-time mountain guide and the trips I had planned for March and April got cancelled as my clients all come from overseas. Now wondering if my main gig as a guide, at Japan's highest would be affected during the warmer months due to the virus. If that happens, well, I guess there's always teaching English and ALT'ing but I would rather not backtrack on that route.

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Already affecting me, and may well get worse. People who aren't affected yet shouldn't feel too safe either. The first wave hit airlines, tourist businesses, event-based businesses, etc, but the fallout (bankruptcies, layoffs) will spread ripples throughout the economy. People will have less to spend and will cut back. Even if the corona-virus disappears next week, the economic impact is just getting beginning to play out. At best, the whole first half of the year will be rough. At worst, this could trigger a wider deep recession that may drag on for years in places.

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Not a lot to report here. Probably marginally saving me money (as I am retired), staying at home and spending less; then gasoline prices should be falling, and my tiny JPY pension just looked for a moment as if grew a little when reflected against other currencies.

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I was informed today that if any One of the some 1,000 employees at a company I frequent gets the virus, they’ll close for two weeks. While a few will be able to work from home, most, including me, will be SOL. And this is a company that does world-wide business. So I’m a bit concerned my income for the month might end up being zero.

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At the moment no, actually lots of meetings and events were cancelled, so I have time to focus more on important things. However, if somebody at work gets it, crp will hit the fan bit time. And in the long term, it will affect all of us because the economy will go down.

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Mildly affected, but not hit hard... yet. As Commanteer rightly pointed out, we're only seeing the initial effects, and even companies/businesses that are not directly impacted by the lack of spending by consumers and/or cancellations, may well suffer as an indirect result as a recessions slides into place. I believe we are headed in that direction, and this is not going to be a good year.

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