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How would you say the social media landscape in Japan differs from other countries?


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Ah, yes, how is Japan unique, the most Unique in the world!?

I dove into the podcast world here in Japan and found the vast, vast Vast majority (95%+) of the podcasts were produced by radio stations or other media companies whereas in the US, while a huge number are media-sponsored, there are millions of podcasts produced by ordinary people. Not so much here in Japan.

My spouse is active on Twitter and Facebook in Japanese and from what I've seen, not much different from Twitter & Facebook in the English-speaking world. Sorry. The messages are about politics, food, music, current events, and their personal lives.

One of my offspring is active in LINE and, again sorry, but the topics are very similar to the topics I find in the English-speaking world, too.

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It's not hugely different, as borscht has pointed out.

But I guess the question depends on what countries one is comparing to Japan to! Given that this outlet is designed for a mainly US demographic, one could see a lot of similarities.

Compare it to China, Iran, the DPRK and other more closed societies - there's a marked difference in what is allowed.

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It is fairly common here for people to use their personal Facebook page for professional networking, while in the UK I think most people would keep Facebook personal and open a separate account or use something like Linkedin for business. Unless they are pushing some kind of pyramid scheme.

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I've mostly noticed that social media accounts of Japanese are meant to hide who they really are (not using a picture of themselves and using a different name). I also tend to know what their interests are on social media while they are almost a blank wall in person.

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Hell of a lot of cat pictures in their Instagram feeds!

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