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If Joe Biden, the presumptive Democrat U.S. presidential candidate, were to win the Nov 3 election, how do you think his policies toward Japan would differ from President Donald Trump?


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I think it won't change that much. The US in my opinion, has been consistent in enacting its policies despite the guy running the oval office. But if there would be US policy changes to Asia in general, it would probably be that Washington wouldn't press its allies that much to raise their pay for hosting US military assets in their home countries and step up its criticism against human rights violations.

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Biden won't change a thing. He has even said so in his few moments of clarity. His handlers will want troops around the world, as usual. That means Japan, too.

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biden will be like what reagan was- a senile tool to be used. so I dont see him dictating policy

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Whoever wins it will be the wrong one. The future is bleak.

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Won't change largely. Biden would be a "frail" US president, unable/unwilling to get actively engaged in international affairs. In a way, he would also end up a "America First" type.

I am more concerned with whom Biden picks for his running mate and other key staff members in his administration (e.g. Secretary of State). They would be more influential on Japan.

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More likely hood of you being born with three heads than this guy becoming president

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I think there will be more respect from Biden and the relationship should improve greatly from the Trump nonsense.

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Tariffs will end, more strongly worded, but very diplomatically stated criticism but overall China would be left to do what they will without any penalty. So, essentially like every presidency from Bush 1 to Obama.

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Biden/his handlers would just want business as usual with the U.S. continuing to have a huge trade deficit with Japan ( and China ).

I think there will be more respect from Biden and the relationship should improve greatly from the Trump nonsense.

The nonsense of trying to reduce the huge trade deficit with Japan?

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Hopefully he'll kick out the US military and spies, but I doubt it.

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The nonsense of trying to reduce the huge trade deficit with Japan?

The nonsense of Trump wanting Japan to pay huge amounts for US troops stationed in Japan for its own (US) benefit.

The nonsense of Trump complaining that the US purchases more from Japan that Japan does from the US.

Trade imbalance is not about fair its about what your country needs. the US has a massively "unfair" trade surplus with Australia but what is it doing to make that 'fair'? Not one thing. Hypocrisy is amazing.

Trump the idiot complainer wants the world to worship him and to see him as he see's himself. But unlike Trump the world is not delusional, and will only see the true Trump who is useless at everything other than self aggrandizement.

Biden will return sanity to the US and will regain friendly relations with Allied nations.

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Biden will return sanity to the US

Haha comedy central, irony in that comment haha Biden and sanity in the same sentence lol.

Funny people on here for sure.

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The military will never leave under Biden, wars will continue, Hunter will be relieved and the Washington establishment swamp will stay intact and we will stay everywhere, Japan won’t change so much, they might get a free ride once again, but other than that, nothing will change “IF” Biden should win and that’s a big IF.

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Japan's acquiescence in all international policy matters will continue to be taken for granted...

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They would not be "his" policies. They would be the DNC's policies as dictated by Podesta bros and their cabal.

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He'll sit down with Prime Minister Koike and explain how the US wants a mutually respectful partnership that profits both their countries.

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Nothing will change. Abe will just have a different master to run to.

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Trump has policies?

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In addition to treating Japan with respect and as an ally and sovereign nation, it will:

”Make the United States Sane Again”.

His Vice-President, whomever she may be, will take over before the 4 year term is up and will continue a rational policy of mutual benefit for both countries.

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There would be some and there’d be sane.

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