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If you receive 100,000 yen from the Japanese government, what are you planning to spend it on?


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I'll probably spend 75% of it food and groceries and save the remainder for a rainy day. Food and groceries are the main reason why we go to the konbini and supermarkets anyway

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I'll use it to support small local businesses in my neighborhood such as a yakitoriya, cafes, clothes repair shop, stationery store, places like that.

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I dunno, groceries?

Probably buy the kid a Switch because if I have to hear about Animal Crossing one more bloody time during this lockdown I'm going to explode.

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My girlfriend borrowed 400,000 for a failed business venture so hers is going straight to me...

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Straight to rent, I guess.

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Give me ¥100,000 and I’ll tell you

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I will Invest in Bitcoin https://invsti.com/Investments

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We’ll probably use ours for purchasing some things from local businesses we want to support, some for food, some at the home center for DIY home improvement projects, probably put some aside for new eyeglasses when I get a chance to go to the eye doctor.

There’s a village in Aomori that will start distributing the money tomorrow, April 30. They’ve already sent public health workers to the homes of people aged over 75 and living alone to deliver and help them fill out the applications. They’ll be delivering the cash to those who requested that as opposed to bank account deposit.

Other places are prioritizing delivery of the applications to households with pregnant women, to be within the next few days etc.

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By Abe a bunch of real masks and mail them back to him to give to his cabinet as they all gave up their salries for the benefit of the people of Japan.

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Forgot we’ll also use it to buy some hand sanitizer if we can ever find some for sale, ha ha.

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According to my boss, I should use it as a salary and work for free !

I of course said No way so I bet that I will be unemployed soon

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"borrowed 400,000 for a failed business venture"


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My 12 year old son wants half of his. He says it is his duty to spend it!

My youngest is obsessed with camper vans, so we think we'll rent one and go on holiday. We have a big camping setup already, so I suppose its just the novelty of going in a van. My eldest is likely to end up in a dorm or digs when she goes to SHS next year, so we'll hold some money back for that.

As a personal want, I've just had to replace (upgrade) the amp in my home theater, so that's got me on the slippery slope of looking at and wanting speakers. I've never had very good ones before. I work in electronics myself, and think that its not just restaurants who will be needing support. This is going to affect the economy as a whole.

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So I just found in the local paper a list of all the cities, towns, and villages in our prefecture with their projected dates of delivery. They are all over the place with some already started, some vague like “late May at the earliest” and our location being the only one that says “undecided”. Sigh.

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It will towards essentials, be it rent, food or utility bills. Don't need any luxury items.

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I wish I could say I don't need it. I hope it comes soon, very soon. It'll cover rent and utilities.

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I'll use it on that Lamborghini I've been looking at.

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Unpaid utility bills.

The rest I'll invest in money tree seeds.

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If you receive 100,000 yen from the Japanese government, what are planning to spend it on?

Shouldn't that read "When" instead of "If"?

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I spent some of it already on a power washer. Anyone and everything that happened to be outside my house on Saturday got a good hosing down.

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