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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says Japan is moving toward approving the use of the anti-flu drug Avigan which has reportedly proved effective against mild coronavirus cases. What have you heard about Avigan?


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I have heard that it is has had generally good results and that it has been approved in China. Apparently Abé wants to get it approved here in Japan as soon as possible.

On the other hand it is not almighty, so doctors like to have it as one of about four go-to options.

This is what I am hearing. I’ll be interested to hear from other JT readers.

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I researched it the other day and also about large stockholders in Fuji Film conglomerate. Guess which people own lots and lots of shares?

Shares are going up by the way.

It might effectively mess with the fatty deposit on the RNA strand of this virus thus interrupting reproduction.

There is one and only one drug that doe the same thing to the eye herpes virus. It causes it to go in remission. If this drug can do the ame, it might help the body to develop an immune effect and rame the RNA virus hide, but possibly never eliminate it. I have a personal interest in eye herpes and how theis chickenpox virus develops, causes lip sores, shingles etc. One day, doctors will figure out how to totally eliminate it. I have faith in humans and human medicine. We are a smart species.

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I was told by a surgeon here that it is can be prescribed at present.

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