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SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son: Tech visionary or mediocre capitalist with too much money to spend?


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I'd say both. He had a vision for Softbank after he bought out Vodafone Japan, but became mediocre when he made more money. His wealth made him lazy.

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agree with bill. He's both. more of the latter in my opinion

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Not sure if he’s gotten lazy, but definitely too sure of himself to do the proper due diligence.

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He invested heavily in We Work despite a million warning signs and that pretty much blew up in his face.

Not sure if he saw something everyone else was missing, but seems everyone else was right.

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Arrogant and over-confident are more like it. He's gambling with $100 billion of investors' money that will never yield what was promised - crazy big returns beyond logical reason. He's basically artificially pumping up private companies that are loss-making and then trying to dump them onto the public in the hopes of massive returns - unfortunately for him with WeWork many people have caught on to the scam.

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