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The government wants to see mobile phone service fees in Japan reduced by 40%. If it happens, how do you think it would affect the big three carriers -- NTT Docomo Inc, KDDI Corp and SoftBank Corp -- that dominate the market?


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NTT Docomo Inc, KDDI Corp and SoftBank Corp -- only those big 3 dominated Japan market, their competition made higher prices to show better "quality", more "convenience", effective " service system", cooler "design", etc...Apple or the next Rakuten to be released will change a bit, but it's all controlled according to the Japanese life style, anyway. Government can't change the market of communication with fee service but able to change when there's more foreign companies to compete, at least 10 companies will be ideal to me.

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How do I think it will affect those and other companies? They will all get together, and despite laws against it, will agree to collectively levy new charges on users to offset any losses, avoiding competition and having users switch to get a better deal. They'll call these new fees, "Activation fees", and charge further "contract penalties" if you use under a certain amount or something. The bottom line is, it'll be a reduction in name alone, while other costs go up.

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It's way too expensive. I recently stopped my mobile service for this reason.

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I think a few very rich people will make less money so they find ways to offset it and march on.

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What I don't understand is why more people haven't bought these SIM-free smartphones. I got a cheap but good phone. And my bill for data plan plus phone number is only 1600 yen/month.

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