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What realistic measures can countries take to reduce plastic waste being dumped in oceans?


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Measures 1-10: Packaging

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Most single use plastic is unnecessary.

Most packaging is unnecessary.

PET bottles are unnecessary.

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Agree most plastic packaging is unnecessary. Where suppliers continue to use it then the costs of collection, removal and compulsory recycling (whether economic or not) should be borne by the originator. Where there is a real case for its use for food safety, then a fixed period of no more than 3 years allowed to continue its use to encourage innovation and adoption of alternatives, thereafter banned.

The same approach should be taken with all other plastic uses unless and for as long as it can be shown there are no other alternatives, and the producer must bear the cost of recycling at end of life. Thereby incentivising them to maximise the length of life and its recyclability.

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Identify the most problematic plastics.

Implement a new tax on companies manufacturing products made with these plastics.

Start the tax on 1% and raise it by 2% each year.

Provide a tax refund for any company able to change the way their products are made.

Any company that can't adapt their product will eventually be priced out of the market and that product will disappear - which is a good thing.
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Cameras in the line of Ocean.

Huge fine and penalty.

Jobs also created.

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Change the policy at convenience stores. Have the clerk ask the customer if they want a bag for 3 or less items bought instead of always automatically putting items in a bag even if someone's buying only one thing.

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Just who is it exactly who is dumping all this plastic into the oceans? Do countries pack oil tankers full of plastic refuge, sail them out to sea in the dark and dump them before returning to reload and set sail again?

Or are we talking about literal trash dump countries like India where they defecate on the open street and where every beach is awash in miles of plastics. Places like that, it's each individual to blame because they don't care.

If it's countries which are recycling it, then there is no issue with making, using and recycling plastics.

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Don't buy anything from China.

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Don't buy anything from China. That should be easy since literally everything we use in one way or another is Made in China.

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