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What's your view on workplace romances?


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I think adults should be able to do what they please as long as they are willing to face up to the consequences of doing so. The only situation that I can think of where it is any business of the company is if one partner is the direct supervisor of the other.

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Exciting!!! Until the awkwardness in the office starts...

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It should be allowed, especially in a country that always complains about lack of children and where singles are abundant. As long as it doesn’t affect the job or other office relationships

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My view is it's nobody else's business whom one choses to have a relationship with.

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One part of slavery to the system you are living.

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@Reckless that,s some creative grammar you got there . . . . . . not awkward at all. it,s fine as long as the couple knows how to separate their private life from their professional life.

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Depend on the workplace. For example, in the SDF, or a doctor's office, it could get very awkward.

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And you can bet your last dollar that if you play with one flower in the office she is gonna watch you with hawk eyes in case you go after others...

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I go to work to get away from my Mrs. :D

Ive always been shocked by how many couples are in the sane workplace in Japan. And, nearly all of them met in the workplace. It doesn’t say much for the worker’s lifestyle if they can only meet a partner at work.

Ten years ago I was teaching English to the air traffic controllers at Narita airport. There were 24 in total doing three-dat rotating shifts and living in the tower, like the police do. From the 24 people half of them were married to other controllers. They all met on the job.

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I have to admit I am shocked by the responses in favor of freedom. I was expecting some real stick-in-the-mud condemnation. Well, maybe the prudes just need some time to catch up?

The world needs more love. I scarcely care who finds each other or how as long as they truly love.

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It's fine...till you break up or worse!

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Be discrete, be careful, and don't let it get in the way of work.

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