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What are some differences in food eating habits or preferences between the Kanto and Kansai regions in Japan?


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No Denny's west of Osaka.

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I feel that Kansai is more diverse in terms of food and culinary culture. You can enjoy both high-end ryotei kaiseki style in Kyoto, ethnic and fusions among Japanese, the west and Chinese dishes in Kobe, and yammy junk in south side Osaka. Updates and brand-new products often arise and fit in, thus it's hard or time-consuming to catch up, get fully familiar with the overall Kansai food culture.

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Is there a lot more fried stuff in Kansai?

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They're the same. Too much Kansai vs. Kanto garbage.

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Kanto meat is mainly pork

Kansai meat is mainly beef.

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Osaka is more of "street food" or "fast food" culture, where Tokyo is a "bento" culture with a lot more food diversity. I disagree that the whole of Kansai is the same though as Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto are worlds apart in terms of culture.

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Japanese food is exceedingly similar all over the country.

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Kansai people also eat a lot of pork and are probably the number one favorite for all people.

Didn't say they didn't but I would disagree that it is the N 1 favourite in Kansai. Usually in Kansai, when I get 肉うどん its beef. In Kanto, its usually pork. Plus Kansai has Kobe, Matsuzaka, and Iga Beef.

One thing I forgot to mention is the difference in how both regions make their eel. Kansai is usually grilled and served without Tare Sauce (which I don't care for). Kanto eel is too sweet for me, where Kansai grilled eel is more to my taste.

I think generally speaking, I prefer Kansai's cuisine to Kanto's

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But one thing I will side with Kanto people on is Natto. Love Natto, and that is a glaring difference between Kanto and Kansai. Over in Kansai, most people don't like Natto.

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They say curry rice in Kanto, but in Kansai, it's referred to as rice curry.

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For one thing Kanto food has a stronger flavour. When I once ate Tempura and noted that the accompanying tentsuyu broth had a too strong flavour, I was told that this was Kanto style.

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What differences? They both try to define themselves by not being the other -- especially Kansai, which has an inferiority complex on just that. Well, okay, people in Kansai might eat food/drink something on an escalator on the right side, while in Kanto they might on the left... except Kyoto, which is the same as Kanto, except except except... For every difference you'll find so many exceptions it ends up being the same.

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