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What are some non-violent ways of protesting against the Tokyo Olympics?


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Writing comments again the Olympics on Japan Today.

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Don't Watch the TV as the Adverting is where they make the most money.

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Practice active indifference, put your attention to something more meaningful.

Once it gets started, media will overwhelm the views with "感動" touching, heartwarming stories other than competition results. I'm already fed up. Let's stay away.

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Boycotting my attendance at the live events in Tokyo. Oh wait...

Ha! That's hilarious. You made me laugh :D

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Not saying the Olympic movement is perfect, but believe it or not, some people like the idea of Tokyo hosting the event.

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Same as the other people said, don't watch it and comment about it here on JT and other social media. I don't agree with boycotting their sponsors and that who cancel culture thing.

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By insisting that they make the Olympics a Pay For View event on TV. Then nobody will watch.

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Not to worry @Toshihiro 3:51p, boycotting the broadcasts AND their larger Corporate sponsors & products are perfectly ‘civilized’ manners of expressing dissatisfaction with Tokyo’s Games. Smaller businesses still are in dire need of our continued patronage and can’t be blamed for the IOCTOCJOCLDP politics & greed.

To your 2nd point: Agreed. - “*That whole ‘cancel culture’ thing” *is destructive to ‘targeted individuals’ and NOT ‘civilized’ at all. But it can’t be confused with civilized ‘boycotting’ as a non-violent protest against GREED.

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If *IOC marketing-guru Michael Payne can ‘lampoon the pandemic’ and parody Tokyo’s Olympics Games *to promote & sell his book in media ‘here’, then shouldn’t ALL commenters & comments feel equally welcome to parody* **EVERY *aspect of Tokyo’s Games?

Do WE all remember?:

- “Olympic history in cartoons details how games defies [covid] threats” - JT Jun 5, ‘21

and, keeping in his “spirit of of open communication is the key to quelling unreasonable fears”?:

- “Communication the game changer for Tokyo Olympics: ex-IOC marketing chief” - JT Jun 7, ‘21

After all, his book is ‘a collection of the lighter-side of people’s frustrations’ with the Olympic Games’ and ‘imitation’ of his lampooning would be ‘highest form’ of flattery’ WE CAN SHOW THEM.

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Abandon others and become a Japanese citizen and vote

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Just like anything that you don't care for ; Don't watch or buy any related goods.

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Don't Watch the TV as the Adverting is where they make the most money.

That won't hurt the Olympic Committee at all. Most sponsors want the Olympics cancelled - they have already paid big money for a full Olympics and already know they will get almost nothing back for that investment. The main reason the Olympic Committee is not cancelling is because they don't want to lose all that sponsorship money. If they cancel, the sponsors would get their money back.

Aside from protesting in the street, there is not much we can do to the IOC. It is a corrupt organization and is not subject to the laws of the market, or to the will of the people. They will always find a corrupt government willing to lavish money on them for the "prestige" of hosting the Olympics.

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Abstaining from watching the Olympics, advertising, and news related to the Olympics.

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No use protesting in public against these particular Olympics. Way too late, and stating the obvious, it would simply aggravate the general division and unpleasantness. Besides, it'll very soon be too hot to go outside for any possible reason.

If you want to protest against the Olympics in general, take your time.

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Not sure if it is a protest but the Japanese government’s mishandling of the situation forced me out of Japan as physical meetings became more and more difficult.

My business became impossible.

In short, the ultimate protest is to leave Japan…

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I have to disagree.

The Japanese voter is ignored.


Paying up to 10% on food is just one of the myriad injustices meted out in the voters in Japan.

By remaining in Japan then (my) money is taken (taxation) to fund the bureaucracy, politicians and the state apparatus responsible for the Olympic debacle.

That’s the bottom line isn’t it?

They aren’t getting more of mine…

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What are some non-violent ways of protesting against the Tokyo Olympics?

A strange question sinse there has been no violent protests against the Tokyo Olympjcs. Is somebody expecting something violent.

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