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What are some of the weirdest examples of English used for product, brand or company names that you have seen in Japan?


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Years ago, Wacoal had a new panty hose product. They put out a commercial on TV for this. At the time, the word "City" was a buzz word. The unfortunate name for the new panty hose was "City Pants." This wouldn't have been too bad, but the Katakana pronunciation made this into "Shi**y Pants." It was only on a couple of times and some killjoy told them and they took it off the air!

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Like City Wok on South Park!

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Apart from the usual ones like Creap, Calpis and Pocari Sweat, I'm always amused at the names Japanese automakers give their cars. Many of them sound weird, like Vitz, N-Box, Pajero, etc. Then there are the low cost carriers like Peach and Vanilla Air.

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"Naive" and "Moist Diane" always make me laugh.

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"The Pungency" was a short-lived bottled tea product that was available for a time 5 years ago. The funny thing was, it was actually a very appropriate name given the use of the word 'pungent' amongst professional tea tasters. But I can't see a brand in the UK naming a mass-market product in that way.

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Goo.N diapers... because your baby is a goon? No one at Daio Paper company can check an English language dictionary? I suppose it's somehow cute when said in Japanese, but in English, not so much.

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There's also Sanity air freshener, for when those bathroom smells are driving you absolutely nuts.

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"Couque D'asses" the cream filled vanilla wafers that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling each time you put one in your mouth. "Colon" anyone?

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The energy drink, "Mucos!" Perhaps influenced by Pocari Sweat?

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Homo sausage!

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CREAM Colon chocolates

a child model agency called "creamy kids"

a lubricant called "soft on demand"

an automechanic shop called "sand people" but that's actually awsome...

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This one's not in Japan but I thought it would be worth a mention - the Ford Aspire. Aspire? What does it aspire to be? A better car?

"Moist Diane"


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Arrrgh-TypeToday  09:20 am JST

“Goo.N diapers..”

Coincidentally, earlier this morning before seeing this, I saw a Goo.n TV commercial for the first time in a while (more often see ones for Merries, Moony* or Pampers). It made me laugh and got me wondering what was the origin of their name, maybe baby talk “goo goo” or? A cursory bit of research indicates it was derived from “good nappy”. The previous brand name was Friend.

*Moony is another one ripe for puns and ridicule.

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Bird seed clawed 'Smack.'

I also remember Tokyota's electric concept car at the Makuhari Motor Show running a slogan of 'I swing,you swing,'.........man,they justed needed to feature a bowl with loads of car keys in there for it to be perfect.

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The house builders urging us to "Feel wood" a few years back.

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Cat Smack cat food.

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Crack Rock Candy, was a peppermint candy

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Titty & Co. women's clothing retailer.

To Be White toothpaste (the TV commercials are also gold).

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Fukuppy still a class leader in hilarity.

I’ve never seen any Italian ‘Smeg’ products over here, but they always make me chuckle.

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In Akihabara in the mid 80s there was a "Cafe Poo". Didn't go in!

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One that has been seen for years and still pops up is Bar Ber -as though it's two words.

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Willy's Take Out for a pizza shop near here.

Love Drugs, although I think they have changed it to Love Drugstore now. Perhaps someone gave them a hint?

There was a general hardware shop called Big Dick, but they subsequently changed that to Daiki.

Hard-Off sounds kind of weird for a store, not immediately obvious what they sell.

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I'm sure I've seen a company logo around called WANKO. Not sure what services they're offering though.

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