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What are some places off the beaten track in Japan that you would recommend to tourists?


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Somewhere outside of Tokyo would be a good start.

I would recommend searching from smaller Shinto shrines or Buddhist temples around big ones (I did that a lot in Dazaifu). They are often just as pretty, sometimes with interesting features, and much less crowded.

Hiking somewhere else than Mt Fuji (lot of choice here...), for some great landscapes. Iwayajo or Homanzan in Dazaifu, and Hi no yama park in Shimonoseki are my favorites.

Then, I would advise to just take the train for 1-2 hours outside the city, or to the next prefecture, and just explore the countryside.

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The forested hills west of Tokyo, but not Takao.

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Kamikochi, Nagano in summer or red leaf autumn. Tottori beaches.

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Sparsely populated, has everything including hotsprings (Daigasen), Close to Tottori beaches too.

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Anywhere in Hokkaido, especially in June (no rainy season!), when the days are very long and life bursts forth in all its glory. Hot springs galore, nature at its finest.

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Mie prefecture. Skip Ise though. Too touristy. Go to Iga and Nabari- home of the Ninja

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Yamaguchi prefecture along the Japan Sea coast. There are cliffs, capes, tiny islands, funky shrines, terraced rice paddies, nice little villages tucked in here and there. You need a car to explore it though. I have good memories of driving around there with friends during Golden Week with a couple fishing rods in the back of the car. We didn't miss the crowds!

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There are so many answers depending on season and mode of transport, but be adventurous. There's plenty out there!

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Suit Select in Koenji. There's never anyone in there!

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