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What are the advantages of leaders of countries meeting in person rather than just holding meetings online?


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People behave better in person than yelling into a zoom screen. Must be something innate in humans. Afaik presidential travel has never been a significant part of the US budget, but I could see smaller countries being concerned about the expense. I think the real scandal is that there should be trade deals going off at least once a month, but the US seems content to just ignore that important work.

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None. It’s all theater.

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None. It’s all theater.

I'll second that

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Maybe some informal or secret talking that wouldn’t be possible over far distances, and of course the luxury of local sightseeing spots, accommodation and delicious cuisine.

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You can roll up the taxpayers for sweet hotels and fancy meals.

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They can observe each others' body language, not just looking at head and shoulders!

Possibly easier to spot the lies and BS.

They also get to sign documents with a real pen!

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Photo op for re-election. That's about it.

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secret negotiations!

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Emails can be ignored

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They can discuss things without them being recorded, obviously. Later, they can deny whatever they said, if need be.

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They can not enjoy high class pampering accomodation, meals, drinks etc when meeting online no? Simple.

Pretty much what I was thinking

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If you want to grease someone's palm, you can't do that online.

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If you want to grease someone's palm, you can't do that online.

Guess you have never heard of the crypto coin? No one hands over cash anymore.

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Face to face conversation requires making eye contacts, which are very important element of building up good or deep relationship. Also, tone of voice and pause between conversation are real. However, online talks lack them, giving less impression each other. When people want to show their seriousness or sincerity, having person-to-person communication is more effective than doing it through the Internet.

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It's a junket.

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Waste of time,like in Hiroshima,they will have the same problem,as if they stayed home

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