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What are the pros and cons of a completely cashless society?


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The government can cut you off at any time. Total control of population. Obey or else.

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Cons: All it takes is one good cyber attack for you to lose your cash, no electricity no money, paper trail

Pros: less back problems since you'll only be carrying cards and devices

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A completely cashless society:

Pros: All buying and selling is much fast and smooth to any customer, client or the dealers. Card companies bubble economy starts.

Cons: Black out of electricity from natural disasters cause the useless the monetary cards where cash is needed.

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Pro: Convenience

Con: For the first time in history all our transactions will be done through a third party who can deny you service if they don't like you, don't agree with your politics, your social media post etc. Total dictatorial control. No thanks.

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Increasingly sophisticated scams devised to part you from your money. By scammers and rampant capitalism.

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Not so easy to give a tip. That’s both a pro and a con.

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all pros no cons

> Not so easy to give a tip. That’s both a pro and a con.

that's a pro mate

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One click is enough for Tons of Con.

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