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What are you doing in your daily life to conserve electricity during the current heatwave?


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Absolutely nothing.

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i turn off my lights when not in use and I rely on a single source of light for the entire apartment when I don't have to move around that much.

I shorten the hours that I use my air conditioning and rely on the electric fan for the most part

I keep the curtains and blinds down and keep the windows open to let the air flow

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same as cowboy. nothing

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why should i do?

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I turn my air conditioner to 22 and use six lights instead of 10. I wear shorts and a tank top. I also disconnected my refrigerator for between 2 to 7 hours a day.

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I put up two 3m by 3m shade cloths on the south side of our house. This cools the ground in front of the house more than the house itself (it has eaves to stop the sun hitting the windows in summer), but still makes the house cooler. Other than that, nothing. You can't and shouldn't expect people to make lifestyle changes during a historic heatwave.

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Use the mist shower outside when I really need to cool off.

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For what they charge - Absolutely nothing. Summer is summer in Japan, why should I sacrifice quality of life without some form of incentive?

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Same as I've done every year here during the horrible heat and humidity: Run my AC 20 hours a day at 22C, not go out much, and when I do, only after 6pm. If a time ever comes when blackouts come regularly or the denki dai is crazy expensive, I will leave Japan.

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Nothing at all! Japan got itself into the energy mess by not using nuclear power, not connecting east and west Japan and sanctioning Russia just to please the American overlords. Why should I sacrifice my own comfort? Especially during a heat wave. I am paying my electricity bill anyway, am I not?

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cant do without AC in the heatwave... set at 25, already feels somewhat chilly, 26 is better. Cant do without using my electric kettle, fridge tem-re set at 2C or else food gets spoilt real quick. Dont use electricity for anything else except charging my phone or lights, not even my electric oven. But Im not from Japan:)

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I use circulator most of the days to circulate cool air smoothly and efficiently around in my room so that I do not have to turn the air conditioner to full blast. Also, by using the equipment, humidity rate of my room can decrease thanks to the air circulation. Furthermore, clothes and towels coming out of the washing machine are dried faster than those without the circulator. Due to the terrible heat wave, we are required to use the air conditioner in order to decrease the temperature down to approximately 27 to 28℃. We must take working hours of the air conditioner into consideration so as to keep it working throughout the hot summer day and cold winter to come.

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I invested in PV solar, which powers the A/C.

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Those of us who grew up on modest budgets learned not to waste food or energy early on. Those habits stick with you.

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@GBR48: I am neither 'wasting' food or energy. I am merely staying comfortable and ensuring a decent nights sleep in which are not comfortable conditions. I'm not sure what you are trying to imply? That we should our behavior from the last x years?

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What are you doing in your daily life to conserve electricity during the current heatwave?

It's an odd question I think.

In my 'daily life' I have no control in what the offices I visit do, or the businesses I pass by do. So out and about, there is literally nothing I can do to conserve energy.

At home, after hours we live as normal.

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Going to the office! Staying home or WFH requires aircon usage!

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Nothing out of the ordinary. We have some very efficient ACs at home, and generally keep the curtains closed to stop the heat getting in as we do every other summer. My Mrs loves the heat and humidity for some reason, so we do have a few battles over the AC remote in the main living area. In my office, I set it at 26 deg and it's comfortable enough to work in.

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As many other - nothing much different than other years. Put external shade or blinds if possible, curtains if direct sun in the windows. When bearable I open all the windows for a good airflow as I don't like much aircons. So to speak the new models are very effective and using circulator in addition makes very nice environment. I keep it at 26, or dry 50-60% at home and 24-25 at work as the room is with always opened door...

Using less lights with LEDs is pointless or stopping fridge is dangerous and should be the last thing to do!

Having cold water melon, lemon water and cold mugi-cha is a must!

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Turning up the AC as high as possible, too hot to conserve anything.

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Yes I turn off the Fax

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Hit the beach with a cooler of beer, surfboard and fishing gear.

Then I sleep in my car or in a tent.

Summer utility bills are usually half that of winter for me.

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