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What do you think are some of the major differences between J-pop and K-pop music?


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One is made in Korea; the other is made in Japan.

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K-Pop members have better dancers and songs that don't make me want to reach for super strength earplugs...mostly.

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K-Pop performers have had more plastic surgery.

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I used to really like J-Pop (think Hamasaki Ayumi or Utada Hikaru days) and really like K-Pop now.

I think it depends what era you are talking about, there are definitely periods where J-Pop was a lot different from now but current trends:

J-Pop has a lot more of the massive scale idol group geared towards merchandising. Your XXX48 type groups that exist to sell CDs for handshake events. The industry hasn't seen need to expand beyond Japan, so makes it actively difficult to. Good luck getting content on streaming services. Visuals seem to focus on cute/innocent type vibes for women. Groups seem to almost exist as feeders for other entertainment industries, you don't usually see members stick around for years. I am not sure offhand how good those large idol groups are for individual members financials, I would wager the top few of each group do very well. There are a few groups that have persisted for a long period of time, like Mr. Children, but they mostly date to before the industry became very focused on idol groups.

K-Pop caps out at a much smaller scale, groups are about 9 members at max and frequently have far fewer. Soloists remain pretty common. Lots more focus on dancing ability, sometimes even vocal ability (depending on the group, especially for soloists). The Korean music industry is much smaller so has a lot more effort on global appeal, actively embracing streaming services. Financial incentives seem a lot more geared towards endorsements, less live events. Visuals focus a bit more on the sexy side for women, though some groups lean towards the "cute"/aegyo thing too. It's totally not weird to see groups drinking/endorsing alcohol, which does not seem to be the case for J-Pop groups that I have seen.

Both seem to have a big focus on visuals, though a bit differently.

There are exceptions to both, but that seems to be the current industry trends as far as I can tell, in a really brief summary.

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K-pop has more musicality, with multi-part harmonies and smoother melodies in the songwriting. The performers also swivel their hips better when they dance, whereas the Japanese performers are considerably more robotic in their movements.

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The language.

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I think K-pop makes an effort to appeal to a wider audience where J-pop seems more focused on Japanese-

as usual.

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Few decades ago…

J-Pop rocks…K-Pop what is that?


J-Pop sucks! … K-Pop rocks!

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J-Pop is rubbish.

K-Pop is slightly less rubbish.

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As David Brent, J-Pop is utter rubbish, K-pop is slightly less rubbish. K-pop is at least "trying" (i want to insert triple doublequotes) something new, some new faces, etc. But J-pop churns out "artists" like a copy machine. Same faces, same tunes, plodding along without any deeper interest or talent. It kind of feels like K-Pop comes up with something and J-Pop just copies it a year later.

Like AKB48, SKE48, NMB48... I don't think they're even trying to hide that they're just raking in the money and can't do anything else than that.

But either way, K-Pop and J-Pop strikes me as sound, not music. They're both rubbish.

It's like with everything here - you come up with something new and instead of evolution and further development, you just stand still and live off the fact that it used to be cool and new and unorthodox... yeas prior.

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I won’t reveal the many reasons here, but of course J-POP is much better. Every half or full otaku knows that.

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Neither are as good as L-Pop.

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I quit listening to K-pop after the Red Velvet music video that had pictures of 9/11 and racial slurs. Also because of the toxic fanbase, plastic surgery, blackface, gapjil, suicides, rape, and sexual bribery. The whole culture is sickening.

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J-pop: high-pitched voices, falsetto, keep and write as many manga-themed songs as possible, the focus is primarily on the image as a whole and less the music to add more coolness to many of the girl bands switch between guitar and piano to maximize the visual appeal with zero limits ( outlandish if you must) look as cute as possible, stand pigeon-toed, be shy, be single, write your own music, know as many chords as possible and pump 3 albums a year, focus on home talent and the greater Asian continent.

K-pop: harmonize, focus on the trendiest fashions, be tall, focus heavily on beats, style, and rhythm, appeal to women (or men) spare NO expense on cosmetic surgery. Shoot videos all over the world, be in shape, have a lot of sex appeal, hit the market internationally expand, don't worry about a band, write your own lyrics, break into the US and European market, scrutinize all poser, be the best dancer you want to be, speak English, it helps, sing songs that every woman would blush.

....pretty much in a nutshell....

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Jpop is japanese

Kpop is korean

I dont like both

I like metal

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J-pop (in anime and video games) sounds more epic and take more from classical and traditional music.

K-pop is just american music in korean.

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kpop is popular all over the world, j(junk)pop is what no one listens to.

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Obviously you have not heard the news "K-Pop Group Oh My Girl Denied Entry Into U.S., Claims to Be Mistaken for Sex Workers" in 2015


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Who are you? People listen to j-pop through video games and anime worldwide.

So popular even korean and chinese games have j-pop.

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K-pop is just american music in korean.

Exactly! And that is the reason why they're so successful globally.

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What is K-pop? What is J-pop?

Pap for tweenies. So says this old rock band bassist. But, that said, all audiences need something to bop to.

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While both are essentially just pretty faces, J-pop is literally only that, while K-pop stars go through an extremely rigorous process to ensure they can also dance, and often sing, too. The end result is that most K-pop artists have actual talent on top of just being pretty faces, and that is illustrated with the fact that they get world-wide attention and praise for it. The J-pop stars.... well... have you ever heard them actually sing? or actually seen them dance? they just kind of shuffle about on stage while their voices are reminiscent of fork on chalkboard.

I'm just talking groups, though. When it comes to individual artists the playing field is a little more level, though I hear more ballad-type singers from K-pop and more vocaloid-like garbage from J-pop (again, those ones can't sing live to save their lives).

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