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What do you think of TV commercials in Japan? Seen any that impressed you?


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Some are fun, others are bad and yet more are baffling... Pocky adverts in particular seem rather strange. The talking dog and Tommy Lee Jones adverts are fun. The Wanda Coffee and energy drinks adverts seem to encourage people to work longer hours... feeling tired? Here, have more caffeine!

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Commercials are breaks in the programme to give the audience time to put the kettle on and/or go to the loo.

If you record the programme to watch later, you can skip over the commercials.

...You mean some people actually watch them???

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Thomas Lee Jones!

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I have been very very close to throwing my beer glass at the TV when hearing Hello Zooricky for the umpteenth time; that is one company I wouldn't use even if the premiums were free. There are a few more: Tokyo Star Ginko and just about every snake oil diet supplement, knee joint rebuilding pills etc. etc.

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Needs Super Bowl-style ads, heheh

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I hate it when the beer adverts overdo the gulping noise. Disgusting.

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Re: beer commercials. If you’re female, you sip and smile. If you’re male, you gulp and look like you’re in pain. And Ichiro doesn’t even drink.

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They're generally awful. I hate the way they dub an OTT crunch sound on ads for KFC and other non-crispy foods. The ads they have for these so called health supplements are the worst, it involves a parade of talking heads reciting a script as to how the magic pill cured their arthritis, erectile dysfunction, constipation etc with the obligatory shot of them taking the pills and doing that weird smug/satisfied smile afterwards.

I used to like the various 'Anata mo, watashi mo POCKY!' ones.

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Ads on TV in Japan are a unique subculture and occasionally are an acquired taste. Hence, uncountable collections on Youtube.

Two I recall: 1. that one a couple of years ago with a high school girl doing lots of impossible tricks throwing things in bins from a distance from the classroom doorway when going home, etc., all done for real. Can't recall product though

years ago, Daihatsu. 2 vain gaijin dressed up as vain glitterati in a bedroom looking each other over saying, 'Oh you look wonderful!' and 'You are SOOO beautiful' until one has a bright idea and says 'I know! Let's get a Mira'. I never thought advertisers in Japan would have thought up that pun
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If you like James Brown, check out the 1990s Cup Noodle ads with him. Misoppa!

Youtube also has the one with Harrison Ford in Kinryu Ramen on the Midosuji in Shinsaibashi. All Osaka people will know the ramen shop and they have photos of him in there. Search Youtube for デジタルtuka

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Anything with young idol groups.

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Totally predictable and boring. A big haaaaah, after sipping some beer. And a whole group (usually a group of tarentos or Johnnys) shouting out the same words at the same time. Heaven forbid should just one of them say something on their own.

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When I first came in 1996 they were quite a bit different than today. The commercials were more childish then it appears to me but they have come a long way. In the U.S. our commercials are a little longer and more money is spent on advertising there. But I think there has been massive improvement in quality and story boarding the slot.

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I remember a really good one for Anessa sunblock lotion with Ebi chan ( Yuri Ebihara ) actually taking off her bikini top ( though she was facing away from the camera, lol ).

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Most stupid, unprofessional and uncreative. They don't know how to make one.

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shakuji - The commercials were more childish then?!

Apart from Serrano's example (I remember it too), I just don't see the appeal in watching companies use various psychological tricks to sell me stuff.

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