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What do you think of all those so-called energy drinks sold in Japan?


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Examples? Ripobitan d style shots or the larger standard sizes that you see in vending machines?

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pass.all.dont need.have some tasty tea or mineral water instead.

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People who drink these think they’re giving an energy boost when they’re actually getting an insulin boost. Ironically, you can boost your mitochondria/energy by fasting.

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Energy drinks? Kirin, Sapporo and Asahi or those sickly sweet overpriced sugar solutions?

Never touch the latter.

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Never drink them. plain water is best. Mineral water.

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Every energy drink you consume adds to your death sentence. They could turn you diabetic; if you're a guy it can give with testicles problems. And a bunch of other health problems.

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Not sure. When I was in my teens, Mountain Dew was my go to energy drink. Now I drink only coffee, water, mugicha and beer. I tried the little bottle with Taurine to relax and it works well if you have anxiety.

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A so-called energy drink has never crossed my lips for no reason other than a guy in work would slug them daily and he would become quite aggressive.

I drink distilled water. It's better than mineral.

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I sometimes drink Real Gold, Dekavita or Oronamin C for a sugary hit, especially when I'm on a long bike ride. Those ones all taste similar, and they do what I need them to do.

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