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What do you think of the planned revision of the Civil Code to lower the age of adulthood in Japan from 20 to 18?


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I think it needs to be raised to 25, at least.

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Its stupid because the 18 yr olds are allowed to vote and marry, but not drink. Either keep it at 20 for EVERYTHING like before or lower the drinking and smoking age as well to 18. I support the latter.

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I think Aly pretty much sums it up.

But I do believe that young adults in Japan are not as mature as they are where I come from.

This has to be done for the right reasons and not just for the cash injection.

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Good idea, but they should be able to have a drink at 18.

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What is the obsession JT commenters have with tying age of majority to age of drinking/smoking? How common is that, even? In the States it's 21, in many Canadian provinces it's 19, and in many parts of Europe it's 16.

The rest of the world doesn't care. Get over yourselves.

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