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What do you think of video-sharing app TikTok?


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I do not use it. Just another fad albeit a popular one.

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Am not part of the target demographic, so can't really say. Seems to be popular with the kids, so good on them.

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I don't use it. The only app I really need is Line. It is very private and I can make free calls to my family. I would love to get a cheap phone with only Line on it.

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I don’t.

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This with Insta and FB, By NOT using it, We save lot of my time to do our activities (hiking, biking, surfing etc) happily. No need to show pictures to strangers or even friends/relatives as well. You already are having fun without the post.

Last time when i had gathering with my friends/relatives, every one of them were glued on those social media of stranger's post. Already 2 hours, only about 15 mins we talked to each other. I just kept on watching the outdoor views and left after 2.5 hours. Wasted my time but felt so good After that.

Either stop using the mobile or Let's Not meet at all. Have fun.

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I occasionally watch some funny videos since it's like a knock-off version of Vines, but I generally avoid it since watching several videos will lead to more until you realize you just wasted an hour or two.

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I think kids would be better, smarter, without it. Put the phone down, go outside, become more proactive stop staying glued to these awful apps that are taking this kids minds and creative and rational thinking hostage. They know more about Cardi B than actual history. Just a huge waste of time.

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I don't know what it is

and at this point

I'm not too afraid to ask !!!

; ^ )

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I've never used such app to share my daily life or performance, because I'm sure nobody gets interested in what I do. In my opinion, I do not understand how other people enjoy sharing their personality with their friends and unknown.

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