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What do you think of year-end company parties? Do you attend them?


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It's a while since I have been to one but I have an overwhelming memory of steaming red faces, drunkenness, giggling and people asleep propped up in the corner long before I felt even tipsy. Maybe people can take their drink better now though.

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Work is for work time, I am getting pay ? which I always ask. The answer is ,no but there is free food and free drink. I ask then why not give us a bonus instead spend that money on really a non even. No I have never and never will

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Those are very good and a hidden jewel in culture. Additionally to very good food and plenty of drinks, but don't underestimate the very rare opportunity to know how the other colleagues and especially the bosses are or behave in another way. Often you learn more in one evening than during one or many working year at the company itself. Don't let those both chances fly by, tasty food plus valuable informations. And who knows, maybe you can even find a private partner for life too, someone you have an eye on but wouldn't ever meet or speak to during working hours for example, that would be surely the topping of it all, wouldn't it?

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I attend these for the free food. What I don't like is you get forced to become a servant to higher ups and expect to entertain them.

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Sven: very good aspect and thank for put a common sense view forward which is a rarity on these fox and CCN dominate threads. I assume the topic put forward is from the office environment situation. I work heavy industry mostly shutdown, mostly left to myself and labourer if need to complete the tasks. I am a loner by nature.

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Back biting, manipulation with beers? Still bad!

Rather watch a movie or listen vinyl at home with cognac

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no parties we give extra cash on hand to guys instead.

so its up to them how they want to use it.

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Went to one once. Spent the night fielding questions about The Beatles from old men and Oasis from the younger guys. The food was dire.

I got took a wrong turning on the way to karaoke.

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One of my favourite things about working in Japan. I remember the first one I attended as an ALT. I'd never seen anything like it in a work setting before: a work party where you cannot bring your partner or children and drinking is encouraged. It's great talking with everyone in a more relaxed setting, sharing good food I might not have seen before, and the wine and beer is flowing. Can't wait for this years, we had some low key ones these last few years, but this is the first time since before the wuhan wheeze where everyone will be attending.

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Damn yes! First proper one since 2019. Good excuse to get blind drunk and have some fun!

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Recently, year end parties are decreasing but it’s a good occasion for socializing.

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my company's functions are not free, so no. I don't attend them.

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Year end means when the men get drunk as hell and use alcohol as an excuse to go after the young new hires. For some it is a time to let loose and show their real rear end

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