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What do you think the global airline industry, which has been gutted by the coronavirus, will look like after the virus has been contained?


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The same?

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When this virus blows over, I'm expecting a lot of airlines will have fire sale- esque travel promos. I'm also expecting (hopefully) that airlines will enforce measures to isolate passengers with potentially contagious symptoms for even the most common ailments.

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Hope most of them are gone. You can leave JAL, ANA, Singapore and a few others but get rid of most of the American ones and sorry LCCs like JetStar.

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After governments bail them out, and after this particular pandemic ends, the airlines will go back to doing what they do best: gouging passengers for every yen they can while cutting back on services. Except the CEOS will get huge bonuses for ‘saving’ the company (via government socialistic payouts).

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I think the honest answer is that no one knows

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Hope the spaces between rows gets bigger like they used to be back in the 70s!

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The gulf carriers Qatar and Emirates will be fine...Money no object. Others that get government subsidies will get by and the smaller carriers that were already struggling will either struggle more or go under.

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