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What is it that eventually makes some movies, songs or books a "classic?"


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Longevity more than anything else I suppose.

Watched Alien again not long ago. Still stands up.

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Some capture the zeitgeist of that time, some include universal and timeless themes, some influence many subsequent works, and some of them are just awesome.

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Dunno. In some cases people consider things to be classics when I think they should have been dumped long ago. Meanwhile, sometimes what I think of as a classic barely got off the ground at the time and was soon forgotten. For me, a classic is something I can see something new in with repeated exposure, but something I have to believe was at least partly intentional from the beginning. Ahead of time will always work. Anything that is derivative probably won't, unless it has good claims to being an epitome of the genre despite that.

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It's the same as with books. Long after the book was released (or movie, TV show, well, all of the arts, it is what is still remembered long after it first appeared. People still read Shakespeare and Charles Dickens, listen to old blues and Sgt. Pepper, watch reruns of Gilligan's Island and The Twilight z

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Zone (hit the wrong key) and The Wizard of Oz and MASH (the movie.) What we think today that will be a classic might not be. It's what the next generation and the one after watch that is a classic. (In painting it's Starry Night and The Scream, neither of which made a lot of notice when they were made.)

Doggone it! Let us have a way to edit what we put up by mistake. Please!

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if you ask me, they can be considered a classic when the theme and the feelings they evoke know no time and demographic.

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