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What is the most acceptable way to reduce the burden of poverty within the cultural norms of a society?


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liveable wage+ free and GOOD healthcare and education

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Most poverty can be linked to the lack of a good education. While this doesn't guarantee success in life, an 18 year old lacking numeracy and literacy enters the adult world far behind everyone else. Not everyone needs to go to college, but everyone needs to be able to do basic maths and read and write at age level. Schools can't do much for students when they aren't at school, so they need to be able to do more for children when they have them. This means more paraeducators, smaller class size and after school options for latchkey kids.

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The question is phrased not as "how do we reduce poverty", but

*how to reduce the burden of poverty*

What does this mean? It would be nice to assume that it is the same as "how to reduce poverty" since the largest burden falls on the poor themselves. However there are people who see the cost of welfare programs and government-funded anything as a "burden". This means the question can also be interpreted as "how do we make poverty cost the government less".

Personally I think the best way is to have an inclusive society that is fair and where everyone gets at least one chance. If your society is unfair, you will end up with crime and extra costs of policing and prisons, to say nothing of less total happiness. It costs way more to fund prisons than schools and welfare programs.

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Let's start with the low hanging fruit:

First don't have kids young and especially if you are unemployed or on welfare. I support free access to family planning and sex education from JHS. I think it is really sad and unfair to have children under such conditions.

Second, having healthcare access for all. It is embarrassing in the US that people regularly DIE from not being able to afford insulin, an off patent drug; and one of the most common reasons for bankruptcy is medical bills.

I think the above 2 would greatly improve the situation.

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Universal Basic Income

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Don't discriminate against single parents when making hiring decisions.

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Pay living wages.  Educate people.  Reduce reliance on the State.

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Birth control. Giving women control of their own bodies and future is always a start. Especially for country's with emerging economies.

Free or nearly free education, from pre-k through to university.

Secular governments would also help, world wide.

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Fire up the economy and create jobs.

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