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What kind of activities did you enjoy doing before the coronavirus that you no longer care for?


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Working for a living.

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Chatting on skype with friends. Before corona it was a fun thing to do every now and then. Now using skype or zoom could not fill me with more rage. Despite having quite good internet, even talking to someone in the same city it far from smooth. The words 'skype meeting' or 'zoom call' fill me with such dread and irritation I want to walk into the sea, never to return to dry land.

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Drinking. In uni I drank quite a bit, and afterwards enjoyed going out with friends and coworkers for dinner and drinks sometimes.

However, I never really drank at home, so after the pandemic hit it meant I didn't really drink anything for two years.

I am not opposed to it and if the situation calls for it, I will enjoy a drink now and again, but I feel no real desire to go out and drink anymore.

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Socializing more in general. Still do it, but not nearly to the extent I did. Don't feel the need to go out every single time I am free, and would often rather spend time at home by myself or with family.

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I second smithinjapan, socializing for me has become more of a chore rather than a need since people can easily connect with one another on the internet. No more nomikai, no more pretending to be attentive during meetings, no more pretending to care about someone you loathe at work. I know that meeting people in the flesh is better, but sometimes it's just tiresome. I would also mention dressing up and commuting (yes, I did enjoy commuting to an extent). I should thank the pandemic for forcing jobs to employ a work from home set up and not having a need to wear a suit and tie every day. The last thing I can mention is shopping. while there's nothing like being able to see something you're about to buy, there's also nothing like buying stuff and arriving at your doorstep.

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going out to eat or drink

I just can't be bothered anymore

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The benefit was many escaped Japan’s forced ‘nomikai’. The downside however from reading all these posts is seeing how many young people seem to have lost their cheer for ‘socializing’ with friends, during the ‘hour’ the West used to call “Happy”:

- What kind of activities did you enjoy doing before the coronavirus that you no longer care for? -


- “Chatting with friends [online]

… Skype and Zoom meetings fill me with dread & irritation…*

- “Drinking with friends…

- “going out to dinner…

- “…going out for ‘drinks’…

It’s quite disheartening. Did Covid win?

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Hope you and many others here get to travel and visit their ‘home’ soon @Reckless 12:33pm:

- “Holidays. Sitting in Japan all year is different.”

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-snowymountainhell -It’s quite disheartening. Did Covid win?


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Going grocery shopping. I used to enjoy popping into different supermarkets to browse the shelves but now I can't be arsed and mostly get my groceries delivered.

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For those that are not wealthy: Pre-Covid: Life. Now: Existence.

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Getting on an airplane and going overseas somewhere, anywhere.

Now it is either impossible or impractical.

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Getting on an airplane and going overseas somewhere, anywhere.

> Now it is either impossible or impractical

This too. I wanted to go home for Christmas but then after getting the laundry list of everything I'd have to do in order to go home coupled with the total bill...well let's say it nearly induced a heart attack.

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"...that you no longer care for?"

What? COVID made people not like things they used to like? How odd of a question.

There is nothing that I used to like to do that I don't want to do again. Sorry. I want my old life back, in spite of the panic mongers bent on profiting from this awful "new normal" Orwellian power grab.

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@Hito Bito

I think the idea is that not being able to do certain things made people think about how much they actually liked doing them, and how much they just did them because they were used to it. Especially a lot of social obligations for those of us more introverted.

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Latin dance clubs (tho I don't miss the cigarettes smell), walking around Yoyogi park with chu-hai in hand, while chatting with total strangers, free coffee at Kaldi shops.

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Also, considering my business was tourism, I miss working.

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Online meetings/classes are the work of the devil.

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kind of a weird question to me,


"What kind of activities did you enjoy doing before the coronavirus that you probably won't go back to doing?"

For me: Going out drinking (regularly), I saved a lot of money at first, now I have to kick my Amazon and Merukari addiction.

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