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What must-have item do you always take with you on an overseas trip?


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Fire HD 8 Plus tablet, along with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Its my total entertainment and info package. I preload my Netflix and Prime content and Kindle books. I stopped using the airplane's entertainment systems and hotel TVs and going to local bookstores a while back.

Google maps of destinations and airline and immigration docs are also pre-downloaded and stored. Then there's email. The tablet is well scratched, including the screen, but has never let me down. I paid around 10,000 yen for it, so if it's lost, stolen or broken, then no big deal.

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Exit plan. Like $5000 available in quick time. I was caught up in the 11/03 disaster and had to get to Narita and all train were cancel for 24 hours. Taxis were charging 50,000 yen to get you to Narita from Tokyo eki. No wifi only LAN from my hotel and landline pay-phones. I had my phone and a MacBook Pro. The phone was useless. the trains came back online at 6:00 am on the 12/03. I was also caught up in Wellington NZ disaster and had a four day wait for a fight out. So easy access to funds was the most important item.

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A shopping list, for common items that are available in any other country but bizarrely unavailable in Japan.

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Tablet with MVs & drama on memory cards, noise cancelling headphones, boiled sweets, mints and flight socks (flight), feature phone, smartphone [with local pocket WiFi], laptop with small mouse, multiple paper copies of passport and all tickets, chargers, shampoo and liquid soap, tea bags, large wedge of cash, Suica card (for JP), medication, base layers, deodorant, foldable walking stick and small torch (for emergencies) and condoms.

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Resistance band(s). Get a quick, free and effective resistance workout in your own hotel room. They weigh nothing, and take up very little space. And if you lose or forget it, so what? They cost about $20 anyway.

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$20 for a elastic band is bit of a stretch.

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John-SanToday  11:47 am JST

$20 for a elastic band is bit of a stretch

True, but I'll rebound soon enough.

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Kaopectate ? is that for your diarrhea ?

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Your passport or you will be surely dissappointed!

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I NEVER leave home without my ambient-noise-blocking headphones. That goes for domestic as well as international trips. Ever been on a long airplane flight or in a hotel with screaming kids or extra noisy people? Not fun but these sure help mitigate the problem.

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My camera and extra lenses. And of course my passport. Extra socks help too. And any necessary prescriptions.

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Optional in California.

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ambient-noise-blocking headphones

Why not try xanax instead? Nothing will bother you.

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My tactical pen. Fierce, lightweight, and indestructible, my Stealth Pen Pro's sleek ergonomics and modern polymer build make it a must-have travel item in today's volatile world. Excels in equal measure whether I'm staving off attackers or writing my number for a CA on the back of a napkin.

This is not a paid endorsement.

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iPads, camera and 3 lenses only, Bible, Ricola, dried fruit snacks, comics, Advil, passports, cash (not everyone or every place takes cards) Drone, Osmo Action cams.

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Passport. Credit Cards. Xanax. Alcohol Spray. Bit of Hard Currency. Bible not needed, in Hotel drawer.

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