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Which do you prefer: the state of emergency that has been declared for parts of Japan, that does not involve penalties for non-compliance, or the strict lockdowns in some other countries where police can fine people who are non-compliant?


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first, lets have a lockdown and see how it goes. I still have to go to work so first lockdown the country and see how effective it is. There is no one size fits all in my opinion.

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I think the police need some kind of power to wield, because there will always be people who break the rules. However, these need to be proportionate to avoid situations like Hungary where the virus laws are being used as an excuse to hound who have criticized the government. I think a small initial fine that doubles with every repeat offence would probably be enough.

In Japan, I can imagine lots of situations where people want to stay at home but are being pressured to come into the office, so maybe there should be fines for companies doing non-essential work who don't let employees work at home.

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The Constitution prevents the state of emergency being enforced. Like most aspects of life here the rules are by consensus.

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For short term personal comfort and financial stability, voluntary is what i like. However, many of the countries with lockdowns are now seeing their infection curve flattening out, whereas Japan's curve is shooting higher.

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I prefer the state of emergency here in Japan rather than the lockdowns in other countries. If I'm in another country like my home country, I would prefer a strict lockdown.

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The UK's plan to pay everyone to stay home was good because people are actually staying home. I think with Japan though businesses would need to be forced to be closed because unless the person at the top says it's okay nobody will do it.

The government could frame self-isolation as a patriotic duty instead of the current half-assed nuisance status it's given it

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Doesn't matter either way if the people involved don't abide by social distancing and stay at home orders.

In multiple states across America, law enforcement have been handing out hefty fines for people continuing to disobey shelter in place recommendations. A boarder at Malibu beach in California was fined $1000 not long ago for ignoring beach closures.

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Need a lockdown, with government helping people pay their bills.

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Lock-down like in many other countries!

At least some people won't follow the rules!

Charge them like people are being charged in foreign countries.

In some cases the Japanese justice system is too weak!

Once there are fines imposed, people most definitely will comply.

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Japan’s history of repression under fascist governments before and during World War II has left the public wary of government overreach. The country's postwar constitution lays out strict protections for civil liberties. 

This is why Japan has more human rights than any other country in the world. You have the right to become ill if you so wish etc.

There are other strict laws though such as against marijuana. Each country has the rights to make its own decisions and most people will follow the suggestions here but you do not have to at all. But the hammer hit the nail pretty hard that stands out.

I did notice the trains quite thin over the last week or two during the day. I don't go near them during rush hours ever.

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Lockdowns are not possible with the constitution.


   The UK's plan to pay everyone to stay home was good because people are actually staying home.

No one in my family have received a single penny so far and some are facing dire circumstance trying to pay their bills and buy food.

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I prefer what we've got here now, but I also know that it will only lead to increased infections, and a strict lockdown later (with many dead in between). So, as much as I'm sure I would regret it, I'd like to see a strict lockdown now. But I simply cannot imagine police and/or authorities enforcing it. I just can't. Well, I can see them asking me, or some ojisan what they are doing outside, and asking me/them to cooperate and come to the koban to fill out paperwork for a fine, but I can far more easily imagine them just doing nothing and the government continually urging the public to comply.

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The current system is ok.

I think the choice make it look like punishment is the answer of everything. Like Japanese are not following because there is no punishment and foreigner are following because there is punishment.

Punishment or not, there will be people which comply and people which do not comply. If punishment was so effective nobody would break the law.

Explanation should be sufficient for most people, incitement/compensation when needed. And it is not like there no law in Japan so if need really be they can just try to open a law books (or just ask the one which was able to dig out the law used for the reselling mask issue, she/he seems to not have sleep through all university). So thanks to the government for not using it as a way to force a constitution change, they were asked to take a proactive approach by testing from the beginning and had enough warning signal. No matter the reason or non-reason, they choose to dismiss the issue, the responsibility is on them.

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I don't know but this approach is like bringing a knife to a gunfight and hoping the shooter has bad aim. If this doesn't contain the coronavirus, then the obvious plan B might be too little too late. We will see soon enough.

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No lock downs. Liberty for all. I still find it hard to believe that Japan has better civil liberties than the US, where I am originally from. I guess I made a good move 30 years ago, after all.

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