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Why do you think government leaders wear work overalls at press conferences ad meetings during crises like the coronavirus?


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To try to appear as if they are taking it seriously.

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Japan is a country and culture that values style over substance. Appearing to be something is more important than actually being it.

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The numerous photos of politicians visiting disaster sites wearing spotless overalls and shiny shoes shows they dress up for the camera in attempts to show their followers they care. Most government leaders, especially pols, are shape shifters. For an example in the US look at how many skins a poisonous snake like Ted Cruz has and how easily he sheds them, changing clothes and accents to fit whichever audience he's addressing.

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To hide the fact that they are completely incompetent blue blood idiots and give the public that they are salty ol farmers who identify with their constituency.

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Umezu was Tojo's Propaganda Minister and in his writings he urged politicians to "wear the style and speak the dialects of the workers in order to give the appearance of solidarity."

This has carried on and has been adopted by the other East Asian nations.

It is pure political theatre.

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Why does every POTUS have (appropriately enough) a bomber jacket to visit the troops in?

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No idea, it’s not as if they get their hands dirty. It looks ridiculous, though.

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Same in Australia. Whenever they visit regional areas, man or woman, it's Akubra hat, white moleskin pants, a blue shirt and RM Williams boots. And if it's cold, they don a Drizabone coat. Cynicism uber alles.

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It looks dumb when they’re in their offices wearing that same outfits as the people who do the actual work (Koke wearing the disaster uniform, for example.)

I suspect it is to show solidarity with the peons, however, I pity the department underling who has to ask for the politician’s size so they can special order a uniform.

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I pity the department underling who has to ask for the politician’s size so they can special order a uniform

The tailor has them already.

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It's to show they are in disaster ready mode.

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Do they have a different uniform for when they create the disasters?

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I find it to be an affront to real blue collar workers. Rich, indifferent, and completely inexperienced at "real" hard physical labor yet dressing up as if they are.

I wish one day, a blue collar worker having a condescending visit by one of those politicians, tells the fool to take it off.

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Pols all over the world always dress in (what they think is) appropriate clothing when they are doing photo ops.  Military gear, work clothes, hard hats, protective goggles, sporting stuff.  Ridiculous I know, but now the accepted norm.

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Because they got more taxes than needed and then ordered that clothes without need. They good of course do their insufficient job also in the usual daily suits, costumes and dresses without differences...lol

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Koike has been photographed wearing a white skirt with her disaster jacket. Probably heeled shoes too.

All for show, as everyone says.

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I think they should wear lab coats to give the image that they're rushing back to the lab after the meeting to find a cure.

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Imagine if they had to visit an accident scene in a sumo stable.

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I can readily recall a dude standing on a beach in Japan wearing a safety helmet reporting about how the typhoon which had changed direction by then posed an imminent threat to all locals.Meanwhile in the background tons of locals and tourists basked in beautiful,calm seas without a cloud in sight and nary a palm tree swaying in the wind.

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To quote the immortal Mel Brooks as the Honorable Governor William J. Le Pettomaine:

"We gotta protect our phoney-baloney jobs, gentlemen! Harumph! Harumph!"

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Appearance is everything, and the government thinks the average person is stupid. Their thought process is you have to tell and let the public hear what they want to hear, see and make them believe that they too are working hard, but out of sight do the opposite.

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Because, as happens so often in this burg, what you do isn't important, so long as you put on a Noh drama of appearing to be doing it. That's why it takes so many office workers 14 hours to perform a day of inefficient non-production. Nothing was achieved by gazing earnestly at that excel sheet, or sitting in silence, nodding through six hours of meetings which accomplished nothing, but you performed the ceremony.

Exactly the same with the silver-spoon dynastic oyaji politicos. Wear the costume, nod with a serious look on your face, and it counts as the same thing as dealing with the pandemic or pretending Fukushima is under control, or was just steam escaping (remember that one?)

Ritual above action at every opportunity.

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