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Why don't societies leave justice in the hands of crime victims (or their relatives and friends)?


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Crime needs to be looked at from a societal level. Of course the actual crime is the most important, but other factors that have relevance, such as overall risk/benefit/loss to society. Leaving 'justice' in the hands of the victims unfortunately wouldn't be looking at the big picture, the punishment would be purely down to vengeance (or the lack thereof in the case of those who forgive absolutely).

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Even before the formal justice system was established, people would still do public hearings or at least someone to mediate for the crimes. Leaving the perpetrator in the hands of the victim's relatives and friends would almost always end bad for the perpetrator. In simple words, there won't be any justice.

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Because anyone who works at a prison or correctional facility would be out of a job

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Because everyone would become a victim and things would be out of control.

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Because powerful people with scores to settle, businesses to grab, women to woo, land to appropriate etc. would make up crimes out of thin air, decide the other party were guilty, and seek to "punish" them as they saw fit, hence the English idiom "acting as judge, jury, and executioner" - This is exactly what happened in the past before modern democracy and governance, and exactly what continues to happen in countries where this is no rule of law. Why are we even discussing this, exactly, is the moral progress of humanity now up for debate in some way??

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