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A recent Jiji Press survey showed that about 10% of Japanese people in their teens and 20s do not watch television, with the majority saying they find video-sharing and streaming sites more attractive, or it is more fun to play with smartphones and game consoles. How much television do you watch each week?


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I never watch TV. But I didn't anyway before smartphones as I find Japanese TV to be awful. But that's just me.

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Just discussed this with some of my uni students (about 60) 2 weeks ago.

A small sample, but for those who regularly watch tv it was less than 25%.

As the article indicated SMS, streaming, you tube etc caters for most of their needs.

Gaming also occupies a lot of their free time.

Personally I watch just a little of free to air tv - mainly to catch some news, but do watch netflix often.

I've never watched much tv anywhere, buying my first tv when I was 35 years old - gasp!!!

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Just in rare occasions. I find those travel shows in remote far flung areas very interesting but aside from that, its the internet for me

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Haven't had TV since I moved out on my own, and when I visit the parents and watch a little, I don't miss it one bit. Like the people here, I prefer streaming or gaming.

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If I'm home in the evenings, I watch NHK's news in English either at 7 p.m. or 9 p.m.During the Rugby World Cup, I watched a lot of games. Otherwise I use my TV mainly for watching DVDs.

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I'm double these college students' age and I never watch television. I use the internet, watch YouTube, play video games... but vapid Japanese TV? No thanks.

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Me too, I have a premium subscription to Youtube, and get some extra entertainment programs and streaming from around the world. Podcasts are great too. Haven't owned a TV for over 15 years.

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Only 10% of people don't watch TV? You'd think it would be the opposite!

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Only 10% of people don't watch TV? You'd think it would be the opposite!

I suspect that, among the teens, they only watch TV because their parents leave it on.

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The only TV I watch (if "watch" is the correct term for something which is merely is in my line-of-sight) would be at bars (which I infrequently patronize these days) or department stores. Aside from that, it has been goose eggs for me for well over a decade. Luckily social media has arisen in this time to take over the poisoning of my already effete central command center.

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7, 9 pm news in English. Sumo. Crayon-chan/Sazure. Rugby at the gym. Rest is drivel.

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Have watched barely a thing over the more than 40 years of my adult life.

As a teen I realized that there is a lot more to life than being glued to the tube watching other people act, having my world view and morals shaped by people who I don't know, don't love me and just want my money, and being bombarded with shallow and materialistic ads. I've had an amazing life without it. Thank God.

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I never miss a night of Japanese TV because I think we have a duty as members of society to keep up to date with whether or not food is delicious, and sharpening my appreciation of people screeching in brightly-coloured rooms.

If I'm ever not sure of how to respond, I turn for advice to those mini-screens in the corner, where a panel of highly-skilled celebrities suggest which reaction I should be showing - mawkish feigned tears, thigh-slapping bellylaughs or thoughtfully nodding in agreement.

I can't wait for tonight. An overweight man with an amusing hairstyle will be eating noodles.

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