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A record high 207,659 child abuse cases were reported in Japan in fiscal 2021. What can be done on a local and national level to deal with this problem?


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By acknowledging that their entire social structure is broken and not designed for fostering healthy family bonds. There is no time for family time in Japan - parents are doomed to overwork; fathers are sent to other parts of the country, sometimes permanently, for work; kids have club activities that spill into weekends, not to mention cram schools and whatever other nonsense academic related things they're forced to sign up for. There's not time or opportunity to go on proper holidays - we're talking about at least 10 days - because parents are too scared to take time off work even though they're entitled to PTO; and kids have, again, club activities and other school nonsense during summer, not to mention summer homework. When do any of the family members get time to be alone with themselves let alone with each other? They're all just strangers living under one roof, stressed out of their minds from work or school, and the inevitable lash out will be aimed at those in closest proximity to them - family members.

Japan wants to work on lowering child abuse cases and increasing their birth rate? Fix the social issues and expectations when it comes to work and school; and while they're at it, install parks and play areas in neighborhoods and cities that are actually useable and not just for aesthetic purposes. Seriously, parks in Japan are just sad - where are the playgrounds, the football fields, skateboarding/roller-blading areas etc, outdoor workout equipment etc. etc.?

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purple_depressed_bacon said it perfectly. If I can add anything and this may sound vague, but people should tear down their walls and begin to socialize more often (this includes all of what was mentioned) because even for an Asian country, Japan comes off as quite cold and only becomes affectionate after a few drinks. Here's what I believe, if families were more open about what's concerning them and are kinder towards those problems, instead of brushing them aside and forcing them to man up every time a problem arises, there wouldn't be that much domestic violence. I come from another Asian country where social norms and expectations are also quite stifling, but I was raised in a more laid-back and caring environment and got to compare it first hand.

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Work Life Balance

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The first thing to be done is that we need to think twice about childbirth beforehand. Do you really have a resolution to raise children as a parent with responsibility? Do you have enough financial resources for raising children? If we cannot answer such questions, we should not have children. Otherwise, children will suffer from their parents' thoughtlessness.

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start to behave and live like humans in other parts of world do.

purple_depressed_bacon 101% agree.

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So 1 in 4 of the kids being born are doomed to be abused.

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More abuse counted because parents spent more time at home. Stay Home, Save Lives, right?

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