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About 80% of the medical staff needed for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games have been secured, organizing committee President Seiko Hashimoto says. Some people have criticized these doctors and nurses, saying they will be desperately needed elsewhere in coping with the pandemic. What's your view?


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Anyone even think this puppet Hashimoto is telling the truth?

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People volunteering for the games at this point are not exactly the ones that would have prioritized working with COVID patients anyway. They would of course be needed in the pandemic but it is extremely difficult to believe they would have applied for jobs treating patients even without the games. Not every doctor and nurse have the capacity and disposition to treat a large number of patients in real danger of losing their lives, this is a terribly difficult thing to do, and those that do it deserve a lot of praise for it.

So for me there is no real point in criticizing them for not making themselves available for the fight against COVID, the only criticism would be about them supporting an event that is likely to make the work even more difficult for those that actually choose to treat patients of the pandemic.

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my opinion remains same-cancel these olympics today and use medical staff in hospitals instead.

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I say that these medical professionals are better off elsewhere. I should also say that not all doctors are trained in handling COVID-19 and some are specialists in handling sport-related injuries, let those who specialize in these fields tend to the Olympics so long as they do not compromise the Japanese healthcare system, especially for an event at a time like this. It's like holding a huge feast at a place that is going through famine and expecting its farmers to provide food for the event.

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The doctors and nurses who are being redeployed for the Olympics could be used instead to administer vaccines to the general population. Considering so few people are considered qualified to even give vaccines, it seems like a waste having them tend to athletes when people are dying in their homes.

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It depends on your priorities, doesn't it.

Which is more important? Making money for US TV companies or public health and safety.

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Anyone even think this puppet Hashimoto is telling the truth?

Yes as number of applicants for the sports doctor was twice as much as slots needed (or at least, reported such way)

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i am an organisor of big sports events and if I can only secure 80 % medical staff, i cancel. Not only for public and athletes safety but also any insurance can refuse to make payouts and as an organisor i would be criminally liable to organise without enough medical support( look at the China long distance running event). It seems the Olympics are above laws to besides being devoid of any ethical and moral standards

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What's your view?

Seiko Hashimoto is another tool of the LDP who has absolutely NO concern whatsoever for the welfare of the people here

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