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According to the Mayan calendar, the end of the world will occur on Dec 21, 2012. In case it is true, how are you planning to spend the day?


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Spend the day as normal, ignoring the Doomsday claim like all others, Y2K, Global Warming, Apocalypse etc.

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Apart from the fact that it doesn't actually say the world will end or anything like that whatsoever, I'll spend it reading Japan Today about all the idiots who thought it did.

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It's not true. It's a load of garbage and anyone who believes it deserves all the ridicule they get. Stupid dummies.

It'll be a normal day, unless for idiot does something stupid like set off a bomb or whatever because they're incredibly dumb and believe that junk.

Some fools somewhere will commit suicide, and they'll hardly be missed. Good riddance.

I'm taking the day off anyway.

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We're having an end-of-the-world office party starting at about 6 p.m.

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I'll be at a prenatal clinic with my husband to learn how to take care of the baby we are expecting next year :) Then we'll enjoy a nice dinner out. No one can really know when the world or one's own life will end, so I figure I might as well keep plugging along and enjoying the time I have.

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Actually the question should be:

According to the Mayan calendar Dec 21, 2012 is the end of the current long count. Specifically, it's the end of the current B'ak'tun, which is followed by the beginning of the next B'ak'tun. How will you spend the day?

Well, since it's a Friday, I'll probably work, then go home for dinner, and celebrate the New Year.

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Spend the day at the office like any other Friday and then start cooking for the Xmas Party on the 22nd.

Cookies, BBQ, Chicken Enchiladas, Bri Mashed Potatoes, and Beer.

Because, I just read somewhere, "Beer has anti-virus powers".

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*"We're gonna party like it's two thousand . . . " Err . . . Hmm . . . Doesn't quite roll off the tongue.

Guess it's off to work, like usual.

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According to the Mayan calendar, the end of the world will occur on Dec 21, 2012.

This is factually incorrect. Its just the end of one of the calendar systems they used. Do you have a calendar? I guess it probably ends on December 31st. That doesn't mean the world ends, it means that its time to replace your calendar.

Anyway, I'll go to work as normal but I will be looking out of the window more often than usual to try and spot Nibiru.

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Writing my soon to be famous book on why they got the date wrong and the real end of the world will come later.

Why do people buy into this idiocy anyway? I wish I had the heartless lack of care for people to make something like this up and get rich doing it. But happily I could not mislead or take advantage of people, even if they are silly sheep following any bone headed idea that pops up.

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Hmm... NASA seems to think different: http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/2012.html

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The childcare center where my daughter is attending is having a Christmas party, gonna be a fun end of the world party!

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Overeating and drinking too much :-)

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It is true that the Maya had such a calendar. And their civilization reached its end of the world, already a few centuries ago. Anyway calendars, these days have many bugs... On mine, it was written yesterday was December 6th. The 6th ! YEAH ! No, nada, nanimo nai.... So maybe I should take away those carrots from in front of my door now, they won't pass this year. They's forgotten me again ! "Yes, neighbors, I'm waiting for a donkey. And you with your milk ? Waiting for the kurisumasu cat ? ".

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I will be in my bunker sending my last few dollars to a tele-evangelist who promised to send me a manual on how to survive and trying to drown out the cries of you fools who didn't listen. He got it wrong a few times before, but he really knows this time. God told him...

Or maybe, I'll just go the gym, have dinner and some wine, and try to seduce my wife.

Decision decisions.

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I have a bonenkai, so this is good news and bad news.

Good news: We can do a consequence-free runner because the world is ending.

Bad news: See good news.

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I hope I can attend a party somewhere!

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Studio and then nice evening drink? If it ends, well it ends...worrying about it is irrelevant

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Borscht and Davestrousers have it correct: it's just the end of the current cycle, a kind of super-millennium


The Mayans used base 20, so 19 for them is like 9 for us. A date full of 19s is like 999/12/31 or 1999/12/31 for us. And this date is the change from to (The irregular 17 in the middle is because a year is roughly 360 days, so they used 18x20 days for one year.

Now if I only knew how to say "Party like it's!" in Mayan...

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It's not true. It's a load of garbage

Wah wah wah - well done genius

One thing that definitely will end for me is my 2012 working year.

Will be heading to a few of my local greasy bars for a few bottles and hitting on girls that are totally out of my league.

I hope the Mayan gods are smiling down on me....

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Getting up, going to work, eating dinner (McDonalds, I think), coming home, learning songs for about half an hour on "Rocksmith"®, playing "Borderlands 2"® until bed time, going to bed, then waking up late on Saturday morning after a good night's sleep.

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Having friends over for a pre-christmas bash. If we're gonna go, may as well go with a bang!

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Just another thought. What is it with human beings electing to believe ideas that were put together by people thousands of years ago? I mean, correct me if I am wrong, but we have gained a hell of a lot of knowledge since then and most of it stands up rather well to the thinking of ancient people.

Why do we believe the ideas of people who thought the world was flat, or riding on the back of a giant turtle. I mean if someone today said this kind of stuff to you, you would sign them into an institution or laugh yourself sick that someone could belief such utter nonsense.

Barnum was right I guess, there is one born every second. I still wish I could live with making a profit of this kind of abject stupidity.

By the way, the new end of the world is February 27th 2015. The ancient race of red haired people in China predicted this. Send $49.95 and you can learn all you need to survive the coming shift in the world's alignment that they predicted. $295.99 for our training course. $1,795.99 for the home preparation kit. And don't forget for $379,000 we can build our family sized shift protection bunker in your back yard.

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It's good excuse to eat, drink, be merry and make love.

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I'll be celebrating Christmas early that day, eating lots of good food and opening presents...since I'm not a believer of that so called "End of the world". Seriously... ^ ^

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December 21 is a Friday. I think I'll call in sick and start my end-of-year holiday then.

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Making sure I don't catch a cold in the afterlife.

I've got a few crates of beer in readiness.

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Work day for me... but I'll keep an eye out of the office window just in case something decides to wipe us all out.

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I for one plan to run amok

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After the end of my work time I will drink with my friends, having fun and celebrating " the end of the world" in a good company ;-)

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Actually, I think I'll just have a martini.

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stop shaving my legs for once.

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