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After Aug 11 becomes a national holiday in Japan in 2016, that will only leave June without any national holidays. Do you have any suggestions for a national holiday for June?


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Rain day.

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Ramen Day

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Why not Sky day? It ties in with the rain/storms and also night-sky viewing if it's a nice day. Can even push sales of "Soramame".

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Day of the Mukade

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or just Muka-Day

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"Workers Too Intimidated or Oppressed to Request Personal Vacation Day"

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"Overworked, Underpaid and No bonus for you Day"

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Bureaucrat Day

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Clone Army Day

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I'd rather they make the previous Friday a substitute holiday should a public holiday fall on a Saturday. As it is, a holiday on Saturday is totally wasted. Don't know who on earth benefits from that.

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oh man why Japanese need so many Holidays ? I got a notice from my Japanese Boss for consuming my yearly 10 days holiday in one shot ..

I went to US for Holidays and I dont know how many years it will take to see US

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National Anti-Discrimination day - an opportunity to reflect on articles of the constitution that insist no person be discriminated against on the basis of race, nationality, gender, sexual preference or ethnicity.

National silence day - when all sound trucks and impromptu loudspeaker addresses are banned. No exceptions.

War Crimes Remembrance Day - if the Germans can do it....But seriously it would take a lot of the wind out of China'S and Korea's sails if Japan would man up and admit its past mistakes and annually reaffirm its vow never to behave in such a way again. Not to mention being the right thing to do.

Expose a Black Company Day - every worker is invited to submit the illegal and shady practices of her employers.

Smoke Free Day - all cafes, restaurants and public spaces ban smokers for a day.

Mask Free Day - as above.

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Stop Suicide Day.

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Make a Family Day - time for couples, husbands and wives to get together under the covers and do something about the declining birth rate.....

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June 12th or 13th. Christamas in June. A double whammy!! Babies AND profits!

win win. Im sure KFC would jump at the chance.

I will be charging Abe ¥100,980 for the idea.

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First sunny week day after the rainy season starts is an automatic holiday. They could call it Laundry Day.

June 6 (6/6) could be Sex Sex Day (think of how the kiwis pronounce it. It would be obligatory for everyone to hook up with someone or pay a fine. Could bring the birthrate up out of the nose dive.

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@budgie I just looked at German holidays and there is no War Crimes Remembrance Day. Would be rather dreary and too narrowly focused anyway. Most countries are guilty of war crimes.

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Its so obvious! Summer Solstice Day! Never could understand why Japan has public holidays on the Equinoxes but not the solstices.

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Agriculture Day (nogyo no hi); Large Drum Day (odaiko no hi); Kagura no hi.

Practically all over Japan June is the month when crops are flourishing.

The Odaiko performances are a cultural asset and so is Kagura.

Of course there is Culture Day, November 3, but why not single out something more specific?

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Mental Health Day - A day to promote awareness of mental health issues in Japan... and a play on the Western practice of taking a day off when they feel tired or stressed and just need a day of rest and relaxation.

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Mental Health Day

Not a bad idea, but this sounds too serious. The Japanese would prefer a more subtle title, like 'Refresh Day'.

Another idea could be something like Museum Day or Castle Day. A day these places are open to the public for free or at discounted prices.

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"Hug A Gaijin Day' - great way to promote the Olympics, don't you think?

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@ Cos - - RAIN DAY is perfect . . . . I was also thinking along TREVORPEACE1's line - - - How about Multi-cultural Day.

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The interesting thing is that even though many people get these new holidays, many companies force them to work on a Saturday to make up for the holiday. So in reality it isn't a holiday at all. As someone said above, only the bureaucrats win with all these extra holidays.

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What about "Remorse Day" so the current and new generations can be taught about past aggressions, brutalities, and imperialism. And that it may symbolize Japan's true dedication to repentance and peaceful cohabitation with its neighbors. This would never happen of course. So, "Earth Conservation Day".

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Go Ahead and Make My Day.

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Get a life day!

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