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After the coronavirus is contained and international borders are open, what factors will you take into consideration before taking a flight overseas?


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Do I really (I mean really, really) need to be taking the flight? Can this be done online, or postponed, or just avoided at all? The days of casual international traveling seem to be over, at least for me, at least for a few years.

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Necessary or not, I want to return to Japan. Families, friends, children, babies. I dread the cost, though, at this moment, but I hope ANA will help, Vancouver to Haneda. I'll put up with the extra screening, but I'm thinking this autumn is a pipedream.

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What's the difference when there won't be any social distance in your own country.

People will eventually fly. Infact people will now fly high spreading the wings meaning they will travel more places for more fun.

One of the interesting thing that people have been doing during lockdown is their future travel plans.

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Necessary or not, I want to return to Japan. Families, friends, children, babies.

Likewise. I may need to take some sailing lessons and start building a yacht.

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Avoiding places which are plagued by Chinese tourists.

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Airfare, the availability of travel insurance that covers Covid-19 or trip cancellation, and what the situation will be like in the US, where my elderly parents live. I don't see this as being safely contained for some time to come, despite the magical thinking about vaccines.

I was lucky to visit my parents in February. Wasn't planning another trip this year and now I'm thinking summer of 2021.

And as cracaphat, the general hassle factor is also key. When you're dropping thousands, it should feel like a vacation. That said, when you reach a certain age, each visit leaves you wondering if it'll be the last time you see your folks or they get to see their grandkids.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering if I can travel the neighboring prefecture in July without having my car vandalized.

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The cost and restrictions of international travel. I'm pretty sure that governments will remain strict in the first couple of months or years after this pandemic is over and will ask more paperwork and taxes from those coming from overseas while airline companies will seek to recover lost revenue by scalping people as much as they can for as long as they can.

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I agree, being stuck in Japan, can’t wait to leave, get back to Texas and go hunting, been too long. Not too worried, just love my life and keep my guard up and practice social distancing.

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Cost, time needed at airport, security at airport, new restrictions, etc. If it's true that we're not going to be allowed carry-on from now on, and still have to sit basically pressed against some people (literally, if they are overweight), and the costs are exponentially higher (instead of lower, as they should be) to help the airlines make up for lost money, then no thanks.

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None. Just as if it were seasonal influenza.

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