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Although Japan's Juvenile Law prohibits media from publishing the names and photos of minors arrested for crimes, people have been using social media to circulate the names, photos, addresses and tele


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Like trying to plug a dike with your finger.

Note also that the current perps under discussion also had their girlfriends' pics posted alongside, on social media, although GFs not involved, apparently.

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Should his name and photo be released? Of course. If this violent punk is moving in next door to me, I have a right to know.

Furthermore, 18 is old enough to know better. He should go to prison for at least 20 years without a chance for parole.

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The media may be restricted by the law in publicizing information regarding an underage suspect, but a private citizen is not

Maybe they should be.....not sure how it could actually be done, though. Slippery slopes, and all that.

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I agree with Brainiac and Cleo's comments above, but I think most of you are missing the point of the question which isn't asking about what the media should/shouldn't do but is asking what private citizens should/shouldn't do on social media. The media may be restricted by the law in publicizing information regarding an underage suspect, but a private citizen is not. If what a private citizen says online about an underage suspect is false then the only thing the suspect can do after he's exonerated is to sue the individual for slander.

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Remember the poor guy in Matsumoto accused of the pre-subway sarin attack. He was crucified by the media and public before being proven innocent. It's devastating for adults, even more so for juveniles.

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Unfortunately it applies to adults as well. If you are accused then your are presumed guilty in the media and this is very hard to wash off no matter if even get indicted or not. They hide the identity of minors since even if found guilty society judges that they will change and deserve a second chance. Why not the same for adults if we truly believe in rehabilitation?

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Innocent until proven guilty is the law but never applies here. Once you are in their clutches, good luck getting off.

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If they could put the victim's names, pictures and show their home and families, why hide the criminal's?

Because they are not criminals until they are convicted.

Let the justice system do what it is supposed to do.

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If the Police are going to release names and other private information, then they better make sure they follow up by protecting against any reprisals, etc.

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I agree with cleo - if they have been found guilty of the crime then I see no problem with them showing their photos and names as they do with adult criminals. Murder victims who are underage always have their names and pictures shown all over the news, and they did nothing wrong. Why do those that actually commit the crime get granted the privacy their victims are not awarded?

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If they could put the victim's names, pictures and show their home and families, why hide the criminal's? However, you can't trust everything you read on the net. I have heard about people putting in addresses of people that have nothing to do with the crime and then their house gets attacked or given death threats.

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Double edged sword really.

The public has a long history of doing whatever it feels is just, regardless of laws in place. In most cases, this would be the modern equivalent of being "tarred and feathered". This kind of situation is good when the media fails to report the facts.

The real problem, I feel, is that the media are not held accountable in many situations... or simply have their hands tied. I believe names and basic information should be made available upon a guilty verdict regardless of age or status. I also feel the media should go above and beyond to remedy any mistakes made.

For example: underage minors kill a fellow teen (And one admits to doing it) = no names released.

Another case: an adult man is simply accused of something (let's say rape or groping) and the media show his name all over. Days/weeks later when its proven the man is innocent and not a peep from the media. The man is basically ruined and gets no vindication.

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Please amend. Once convicted.

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The fact that a crime is particularly heinous doesn't mean that Innocent until proven guilty doesn't apply, or somehow applies less. Once they're found guilty, by all means plaster their names all over the Internet. Till then treat them like any other underage suspect.

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It's a form of lynching and I am against it. Too many people show poor judgement when circulating things on Twitter, Facebook or whatever. There is always the danger that some idiot will vandalize the homes of the suspects' families or make obscene phone calls to them, or even worse, attack them physically or online out of some warped idea of justice.

And sillygirl, being arrested doesn't equate to being guilty, especially in Japan. Sooner or later, somebody innocent will be arrested and their families will be subjected to vitriol online. No thank you.

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Once arrested publish. Let us know who these cretins are.

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