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Are there any customs that, for you, are sadly no longer a part of lifestyles today?


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Yes, good manners. I blame social media for that.

Another one is the family dinner. In my home when I was growing up, we would always enjoy our Sunday roast dinner together. Now everyone is too busy...with what, I don't know.

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Family bonding is declining. Saying "I'm home!" Is becoming an effort. Manners in seating in public places, putting make-up in publics places except the ladies room, their way of talking and laughing is also losing manners. Parents are losing the point in disciplining their child. I saw one in the train the other day. No matter how young your little girl may be, you have to start teaching her how to sit properly in public places especially the train. You start teaching them while they're young. Her legs were so wide open. I couldn't understand how the mom didn't mind. Thus the perverts and the pedophiles arises as well.

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It's not really a custom as such, but simple communication seems to have died a death.

Many people are obsessed with "privacy." They put walls around their houses, bars on the frosted windows and security cameras everywhere. When I came here in the 70's, no one had air conditioning - it was too expensive. In the summer, the doors and windows were thrown open. You could see families sitting around the kotatsu eating dinner. It was very open.

It's more difficult now to talk with people you meet for the first time. The U.S.A. used to be such a friendly place. And so was Tokyo in the 70's. We seem to have lost basic trust.

This is one of the reasons I love Okinawa. It hasn't changed so much here. Taking the dog for a walk takes longer and longer as the number of people who want to stop and say hello increases.

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Morning and afternoon tea times have disappeared.

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Basic courtesy and good manners (even some of the supposedly sexist ones like holding doors and carrying heavy bags and so on). Proper weekends and holidays without being hassled by work.

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I agree with some posters above. Manners and eating together.

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Writing letters

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Shopping, eating out, going on holidays, hobbies. Anything that involves spending money.

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Gold backed currency.

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Not a custom per se but many societies have lost a lot of TIME.

I remember in the 60-70s people having more time for family & themselves.

As technology increased we were supposed to reap even more TIME

Sadly for far too many the exact opposite has happened, especially here in Japan

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Yes, weekends off!

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Identifying myself and speaking courteously when making, and receiving, telephone calls. Most people don't realize how uncouth they sound.

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Basic service etiquette. People today don't seem to understand that they're employed by a company, but the money to pay their salaries comes from the customers, so in effect you're paying their salary. They should speak to you the same way they'd speak to their boss (not grovelling, but politely and with a "can do" attitude)

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Face to face communication.

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Hard fought labor union gains of earlier generations in the form of decent wages, the forty-hour work week, secure career-track employment, the promise of retirement at 65 — all gone the way of the do-do bird just in the last few decades.

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I agree with manners... people don't seem to have any these days.

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Good spelling

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People no longer seem to be able to sit for any appreciable length of time without whipping out their smart phones. I had friends over for movie night and within minutes of the film starting one was texting while another was Wikipedia-ing the film plot. Just watch the damn film already.

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It's more difficult now to talk with people you meet for the first time. The U.S.A. used to be such a friendly place.

Used to be? I beg to differ, it still is, again as usual, you are casting broad generalizations. It all depends where you go. It can be anywhere. I have met bad people everywhere, even in Okinawa. Doesn't matter. Society as a whole has changed a lot. People have become more selfish, self-centered, opportunistic and careless. People used to care for one another, but it's not like that now. There is more mistrust in our society than ever before and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

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Shops closing on Sunday. The religious aspect isn't important to me but it is nice to have a day when everyone is off. I always enjoy going to the countryside in France and finding that this custom is still observed.

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Trying to remember things you used to know, without immediately resorting to a few flicks of the finger to find the answer on a tiny screen. The joy you get at the end of a full-on memory quiz, is a dying emotion.

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Basic manners. People used to have social skills before the advent of cellphones, comptuers..etc. Also, people are always in such a hurry nowadays, you have to be on your toes not to get knocked over by some rude person at the train station rushing to get where they are going or so busy gawking at their mobile device they aren't paying attention to anything else.

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Speaking as a teacher, I kind of miss the days when it was parents, not teachers, who were responsible for instilling good manners and basic courtesy into their children. Nowadays the parents expect their kids to be raised by schools. And I'm sorry to say that stay-at-home mothers are the worst in that respect; for them, teachers are nannies, and schools are baby-sitting services.

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Very few people seem to wash properly before getting in the onsen these days .....

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