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Are you planning any trips to or from Japan over the next few months? If yes, do you understand what anti-coronavirus measures you may have to take beforehand?


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Not to have a beer at the airport bar after 8.p.m?

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better to be realistic than follow news published in media.

definitely not.

situation worldwide is not calm yet and there is always high risk situation may worsen and there may be any sudden decision abt travel regulations etc on its way.

dont need to mention "welcome all campaigns" organized by some countries/in fact only vaccinated people are "welcome" others are NOT/,than need of some tests or vaccination/covid passes...in short if you are healthy unvaccinated and without any health issues-but as customer you have paid for tickets and legally you can travel-you are still opressed and humilitated/annoyed by all of this crap.

so wil stay this year in Japan.this country have many nice places worth to go and see plus you can relax properly for money invested and paid...

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No. When I do, it will be to leave Japan permanently for Canada- if I can get a visa

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not until travel to USA has no COVID related restrictions or vaccine/testing requirements, no I wont be.

Elections have started, so all those will be gone by summer at latest.

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Have not left Japan since 2009, my choice because flying is really annoying even before 2020. My wife and I had planed to visit India with our children sometime in the near future for a Vedic science learning experience and entertained the idea of visiting my relatives in Germany before the pandemic. We might decided to travel again once we can travel freely.

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Yes, to Orlando in April. I have my vaccines done and will just use common sense.

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We need to visit America and UK but we won't be going until the day arrives again when we can freely travel both ways with reasonable costs.

What are you talking about?

UK has zero restrictions now from Japan and flights are as cheap as they have ever been.

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I really want to but what's stopping me right now are all the horror stories I've heard and YouTube videos I've seen about the abysmal quarantine conditions in Japan. 3 cold meals a day that look like they've been sitting in their bento boxes for days? A hotel room no bigger than a shoe closet? Irritating announcements at ungodly hours? Sounds like a nightmare that's not worth it.

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There is no longer quarantine from UK to Japan if you are boosted. Still have a PCR test on arrival in Japan, but then go home on public transport. A PCR test in the UK should set you back about 40-65 pounds...Hardly the end of the world. Plenty of flights to UK around the ¥100,000 bracket. I've made the trip twice in the past 6 months.

All very different a few months ago but not now. Get your bags packed!

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@Mr. Kipling

If you can find a flight between the UK and Japan these days.

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Reckless commented on paying ¥200,000 for a ticket to Florida.

Yeah, zichi, that is expensive, but I usually went several times a year so I have a lot of unused travel funds and tolerate the higher price. In my view, and at your age, don't take this respite from coronavirus for granted, as other waves may or may not come. The numbers are way down in the US, and if you have the vaccine, you will have either no quarantine upon return to Japan or 3 days at a government funded hotel. Then you may be able to get home via public transportation. The latest information is shared on a facebook group called return to Japan.

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Japan is closed to tourists and will probably stay that way. Tourists are officially 'pollution' and unwelcome. Probably moot as the primary Europe/Asia flight route is also closed and may remain so. Quarantine will keep out everyone else bar the crazy few who insist on going to Japan and are rich enough to not have to bother about making a living in a collapsing global economy. Like China and NZ, Japan is now off the map and happily isolated in its sakoku bubble.

Cold War 1 lasted about 44 years, so don't expect anything to change going forward.

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Hello Kitty....

The Gulf country Airlines are all running as before. Europe ¥110.000 or less

I wouldn't book with Aeroflot though...

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Not planning trips to any country which hasn't abolished the death penalty yet, thank you.

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Not planning trips to any country which hasn't abolished the death penalty yet, thank you.

Guess you won't fly to America then.

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RonriiUrufuToday  03:20 am JST

Not planning trips to any country which hasn't abolished the death penalty yet, thank you.

Nor Japan.

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This is a very useful site. Input your travel plans, vacc status, nationality and it gives you all current restrictions. For my circumstances it seems accurate.


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Kind of a strange question.

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It seems the number of acute cases is going down, here in Japan and elsewhere too.

I am vaccinated, 2 x Pfizer, 1 x Moderna and also got influenza vaccine shot.

I think, if the trend continues possible to travel with reasonable costs in 2 or 3 months.

Still waiting it out... but it's now more than two years and I really want to visit some other countries again...

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Not planning any trips anywhere, especially Japan with outdated Covid-19 restrictions.

Not too much fun walking around with a mask all the time sightseeing.

Wait a few months and Covid-19 clears out more.

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