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Are you planning to see the new "Godzilla" movie that opened in Japan Friday? Or if you have already seen it, what did you think of it?


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I would never willingly watch a movie like this.

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It sucked.

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"Rotten Tomatoes" : Critics 74%/Audience 70%. $200 million box office US, almost $300 million worldwide. So I guess some people enjoyed it.

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I plan to watch it on TV out of morbid curiosity.

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Movie snobs.

Of COURSE I'll go see it! But maybe next week when it's not so crowded.

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Wait for the DVD.

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Very pretentious and boring opening half torpedoed the movie for me.

Japanese should be bored of this Godzilla.

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I, personally, am excited to see it. Can't wait to see Gareth Edward's vision of my favorite kaijyu. From what I've seen from the previews so far, it's going to be fun.

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As an old Godzilla/Gamara fan watching them on TV when I was 10, I am curious. Well, the wife already bought the tickets last night and got the free poster. So....yep. I'm going, mostly for the popcorn though. My expectations for Hollywood movies are very low, and American TV shows even lower.

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Just got home from the theater with my wife. The sour apples is previous posts won't even give it a chance, which is sad - and if you won't "willingly watch a movie like this", then why the hell are you commenting on this post?!!? Seeing a Godzilla movie on the big screen in Japan is one of my child-hood dreams. The only REAL Godzilla movie I've ever seen in theaters was the 1999 film, Godzilla 2000, during my high school years in Kentucky.

Very rarely does a Godzilla film warrant praise of any sort (outside of the original 1954 film and a handful of others, out of nearly 30 TOHO productions)... but this new Hollywood reboot executes every element with near perfection. The biggest complaint I've heard from my friends back in the USA who viewed the film over a month ago was that Godzilla wasn't in the film enough. Well, have you ever watched a Godzilla film? He rarely get's more than 20 minutes on screen, if that much. The slow build was reminiscent of films like Alien and Jaws - less is more. However, I would have preferred to have watched Bryan Cranston bravely attempt save his daughter-in-law and grandchild from the chaos, rather than sit through his son's mostly emotionless missions and journey home.

Overall, the mood and atmosphere was great, the cinematography was beautiful and terrifying, most of the actors did a great job, and most importantly, Godzilla kicked asssss.

A sequel has already been given the green-light, so we can all expect to see more Big G in the near future. (and a Gamera series reboot!)

This was truly a film to experience in the theater. Gloriously gigantic and loud as hell.

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I thought it was pretty decent. Not going to win any awards, but was completely entertaining.

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@Jeremy Mauney

A "Spoiler Alert" would have been logical.

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My bad FizzBit, I didn't really give anything away... surely it's not enough info to warrant a spoiler alert. I only mentioned a basic plot element with no conclusion, nor did I give any details away.... other than Godzilla not making a full appearance till later on (as usual) - and the fact that Bryan Cranston isn't the focus of the film...

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"my bad"...Too late!....you gave away a lot "In your opinion" blah blah blah

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I just came back from the theater. The visual was great but the plot had so much holes it seemed as if it was swiss cheese.

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it's a great movie! Sorry for all those folks who still think suit acting is going to happen. Toho seems to think otherwise. I grew up with the suit acting, and loved every single minute of it. But this is a great Godzilla movie too. Hey, I don't see no other film studio resurrecting the guy.

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I'm totally going to see this movie on the big screen.

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boring hollywood garbage

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It's the #1 movie in Japan! Lotta people enjoy it!

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